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Crypto-currency exchanges aren't secure to store all the crypto-currency within the market. Several past incidents give ample proof of this statement. Many websites claiming to be absolutely secure are literally not secure enough to counter hacking tries on their platform. Coins are taken, which cannot happen until the protection is compromised on the platform.

 The protection and management of crypto-currency may be a reason behind concern for several folks the physical billfold may be a secure alternative for storing our crypto assets. The opposite challenges within the crypto-currency scheme are group action genuineness, lack of awareness regarding the technology and absence of integrated crypto-currency payment system. So there is a need of platform which diminishes the credibleness of the crypto-currency within the market. Therefore, now there is one platform called BLOCKNOMICS is developed to face these challenges with the help of blockchain technology. 



Almost immediately after the spread of the home Internet to the masses, began to appear resources for ordering goods via the Internet. At first, payment was physical, at the time of receipt of the goods by the customer, then electronic payments appeared. And those entrepreneurs who kept pace with these technologies, at the time received significant competitive advantages, earning huge fortunes. Now there are crypto-currencies. And those entrepreneurs of merchants who will be the first to solve the needs of crypto enthusiasts in food, clothing and other necessary products, obviously, expect a lot of profit.There is a lot of talk about it. But, as for the case, there is no significant progress. Crypto optimists still have to withdraw the currency to Fiat on their own to buy, elementary, bread. The urgency of solving this problem has long matured, like a liquid Apple. Who will pluck this fruit?

Project team

This time I want to start with the team. The project Blockonomics originates in 2015. When a group of enthusiasts, captured by the idea of creating something useful for the industry, creates a service that everyone can control their Bitcoin wallet. Something like a car alarm, just for the wallet. Over time, this solution began to grow with the functions of convenient and secure Bitcoin exchange. This is how the module appeared, with the help of which merchants can accept payments for goods and services in Bitcoins, and consumers, accordingly, can safely and quickly carry them out. 

 About Blockonomics

Blockonomics has helped thousands of e-commerce sites increase sales by including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other important altcoins as a payment option for their customers. In addition, the company has been continuously innovating with the latest in Bitcoin technology. The team and developers of Blockonomics firmly believe that the power of Bitcoin lies in decentralization and cryptography.As a newly created company, Blockonomics offers a set of features included in Blockonomics' peer-to-peer invoices. The function allows stores and buyers of electronic commerce to eliminate the transaction fees of the credit card. Users can also store their digital currencies. The Bitcoin payment goes directly to the store's wallet, and the store can control the bitcoin currency the way it wants. The payment solution is compatible with all major portfolios, including accounting, mycelium, trezor and many more. It is the easiest way to send a Bitcoin invoice without worrying about the fluctuating price. Your bills are also encrypted, improving privacy.

 Blockonomics, you can find it online at, it is a startup based in India founded by Shiva Sitamraju, an expert in the design and implementation of efficient distribution systems and in bitcoin / blockchain projects, with a global team of marketing specialists and cryptocurrency developers. Shiva Sitamraju stated that Blockonomics is different from any other payment provider. For example, Paypal, consider the most popular credit card gateway and the fixed payment virtual processor, but also known to freeze funds and other questionable business practices. Bitpay and Coinbase, the two most popular Bitcoin payments, have done much to increase commercial adoption, but both are in the same basic model as Paypal, acting as "agent and custodian" of funds received and restricting or prohibiting the use of "high risk" and prohibited business types. The use of these platforms will require KYC / other documentation and a long approval process. "If you are a small company, I would prefer to spend more time developing products than spending money and time looking for banks and companies to obtain approvals and documentation to accept payments," said Shiva Sitamraju.Another feature of Blockconomic is Wallet / Address Watcher. This is the most popular address / wallet watcher today. The wallet watcher allows you to control the balances of your addresses, get notifications about credits / debits, view the display of wallet transactions, label your addresses and more. All this without needing your private keys. You only need your bitcoin public addresses. According to Shiva Sitamraju, the Wallet Watcher function is a very useful tool for those who use desktop portfolios.We invite you to visit the WHITEPAPER and get in touch with us through the Telegram group. Do not miss this great opportunity that this great team offers you.Blockconomics is a decentralized bitcoin payment solution that offers users several benefits that improve the use of BTC. The Blockonomics platform is secure since nobody has access to the user's private keys, except the owner. The platform also has fewer permissions and fewer borders, since no documentation or KYC is needed; All you have to do is use your email to get the payment solution. The company's goal is to continue allowing users to accept Bitcoin directly, whether they are billing, receiving donations or running an e-commerce store. 



E-commerce, automobile, producing, and diversion square measure solely a number of the various areas we are able to specialize in to integrate the crypto-currency payment system. The worldwide retail group action is calculable to achieve 21 trillion greenbacks by 2020, and this presents a novel chance for the innovators.


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