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Event about Blockchain, Blockspot Conference Europe, returns to Lisbon for its second edition

Held by the co-brand company Blockspot Media, the Blockspot Conference Europe 2018 will take place in the Portuguese capital from 9 to 13 November.

The event, which already had its second edition, will return with a new format and promises news for its audience. With three days of networking, guests will experience Lisbon and will also have the opportunity to be with big names of the Blockchain community.

It’s an excellent opportunity to meet people engaged in Blockchain and enjoy a little bit of everything that Portugal has to offer. We will have the perfect mix between Blockchain and all the disruption that it has caused to the main European tourist reference,” says Marcos Basso, co-founder of Blockspot Media.

On the two days of conference (12-13), the contents will be divided in 7 tracks by two stages. Game Industry, Corporate, Development, Legal and Society, Banking and Investments, Healthcare, AI and IoT will be the main themes in light of Blockchain.

The quality of the content we have evaluated has given us the certainty that this will be the obligatory event for everyone who is part of Blockchain in any of the sectors,” adds Basso.

Also, for the 12th and 13th of November, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the fair that will take place within the space of the event. Large organizations will be present to talk about Corporate Solutions, Tokens, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Services.

Tickets for the networking and conference sessions are now available for sale directly on the conference website.

About Blockspot Media

Media company focused on Blockchain and Internet Trust based in Portugal. It connects, informs, and educates executives, industry leaders, students, and enthusiasts around this new paradigm, from events and media outlets.

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