Action 10 News In Corpus Christi Question Assistant D.A. About Wrongly Dismissed Murder Case

The “Flatline Conspiracy” documentary has made the rounds on social media and multiple blogs. Andy Liscano from Action 10 News heard the rumblings in the city and took notice of the heartbreaking documentary recently released about the murder of one of Corpus Christi’s notable hometown rappers. They were notified about the ongoing petition which is currently at approximately 2000 signatures. Compound Films gave an interview about the new project and expected to air October 24, 2018. Action 10 News has decided to pick up the exclusive story and shine light on the mysterious circumstances highlighted in the documentary.

The documentary details the strange dismissal of a high profile case involving Jose Mendoza (Flatline) and a man that confronted Mendoza at a local fishing pier on a dark early morning. Jesse Wayne Taylor fired his weapon into Mendoza’s chest multiple times in a near pitch-black entrance hallway. The suspect was swiftly allowed to make a reduced bail and freely roam anywhere of his choosing. After 3 years of alleged investigative work, the family was brought in and informed that the case had been quietly dismissed. The family objected to the decision but Assistant D.A. Matt Manning rebuttaled saying “The decision had already been made and was the best thing for the case.” Action 10 News expects to have an official statement from Manning when the segment airs.

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