Amazing Photos provide a rare glimpse of the Indonesian island tribes

The photographer Andrey Godkov gave a glimpse of the special rituals and traditions of the Indonesian New Guinea tribes through a series of stunning shots. The 42-year-old photographer spent time with the indigenous people on the island of New Guinea to learn about their most important habits, as each tribe has very limited contact with the outside world. Although they are well-known tribes, they gave André permission to explain their way of life to the world.

The photographer also explained that Asmats are known for their strength and grudges, and often put animal bones in their noses. But he did not feel any threat while he was with them, but they welcomed him to their tribe.

He added that their way of life is truly wonderful, especially in the way they rely on colored fur and feathers. These garments are used in ceremonial gatherings and are often a symbol of social status, but unfortunately many of their habits have begun to be forgotten over time.

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