The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime- Review

British novel Mark Haddon, first publication in 2003.
Book’s contents: The protagonist is the boy Christopher he is autistic. Once he finds in the courtyard the body of a dog stuck in a garden fork. And decides to investigate this case, writes a book where he writes down all his actions. During the investigation, the neighbors are told that his mother was cheating his father with neighbor who was the owner of the deceased dog. Later, he finds a letter from his mother and realizes that she did not die and fled with her neighbor. The boy's father confesses that he killed the dog, he escapes from the house to his mother, at first they live together, then an incident occurs and they return home and take away the house from his father. The father tries to establish relationships by allowing him to take math exams and even gives a dog.
My opinion: A fascinating novel that keeps you to the last letter. He reveals those thoughts that occur in the head of a person with autism. Acute emotions, riddles and family relationships.poster_curious-show.jpg

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Fayzieva Kamila
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