Understand the "clouds"

A popular solution to do all of your online tasks today saves many representatives of technical specialties. But what about the "clouds" to us, ordinary mortals? Can we use it? 

I decided to start with the history of this issue and understand whether it is really necessary in our time or is it the incoming wave of new, useless opportunities?

One of the most significant events in this area was the emergence of Salesforce.com in 1999. This is the first company that provided access to its application through the site, and created a certain service.

Later, the world-famous giants Amazon, Google, etc. began to appear. This allowed not only to store information virtually, but also to perform calculations. A significant role was played by the development of virtualization - the creation of software, which allowed the creation of a virtual infrastructure. As for technical progress, a significant role in this has played the creation of multi-core processors and increasing the capacity of information storage devices.

What do we have now? Cloud computing gives us accessibility, low cost of using the necessary capacities (which is still cheaper than buying a new computer), flexibility in choosing features, reliability and stability, primarily to DDOS attacks. Hardcore gamers know the video games know that today your PC is cool and you can afford any new version, and tomorrow your "hardware" is outdated and gone, taking with you old opportunities.

How to use these privileges?

In fact, there is not much choice. The market is still the same non-replaceable Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The pleasure to grab a few "clouds" costs from 6.5 to 10 dollars per hour. Not a cheap pleasure. Amazon, of course, is really a giant, having studied its technical capabilities - I realized that this service is rather more necessary for professional use, for example, representatives of the IT-sphere. Because, before you register there and learn the interface, you can lose all desire to perform some simple things, play or use powerful applications. Recently came across a new startup - Boosteroid, but it is implemented only in May next year. They say that it will be the cheapest among all the services presented and as convenient as possible in the settings. But will see, while there's nothing to talk about. But the prospect is good.

Now I'm going with my thoughts and I'm going to knock on Google and, possibly, Microsoft. And what do you say?

Are there any people here who understand the "clouds"?

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