In the world we now live in, it is clear that digital assets are now marking a new stage of global economic development. The investment market in blockchain startups technology is not limited by national boundaries and this has created a new era of alternative investments to come. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which has replaced the traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the main investment site for digital economy. Have you ever heard of NEIRONIX?

NEIRONIX is the first independent international rating agency to evaluate investment risk in the blockchain economy, where ranks are assigned to projects automatically on the basis of mathematical assessment results, neuron networks, and most multidimensional analysis of data.

This platform is designed for subsequent risk analysis and management typical of projects with investment in projects with high levels of uncertainty. The mission of NEIRONIX is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about the cryptocurrency market that will be needed to make investment decisions carefully weighed and build long-term market strategies. It is good to know that NEIRONIX is the developer of the first global methodology for the management of risk-oriented investment processes in the blockchain economy. Suggested management is based on statistical analysis of large amounts of data and risk factors.

Indeed the NEIRONIX project is unique in terms of benefits and aggregate opportunities for cryptocurrency market players and does not have equals on the blockchain market. The Neironix methodology is open, transparent and provides users access to the primary database.

This allows one to be confident in the quality of the ranking and the credibility of all project parameters, which allows investors to make strong decisions.


The Neironix ecosystem is based on a set of tools - the flow of content and information intended to be used in operations with cryptoassets and the selection of ICO projects for investment.

High-level feature cryptocurrencies adapted to the new digital landscape. Cryptocurrency is adopted as an increasingly frequent payment instrument, which extends the scope of influence that the cryptocurrency landscape can boast of having. Over the next two years, many cryptocurrency market issues will be resolved, including those related to lack of transparency and the absence of state regulatory mechanisms. Although, it is sad to know that the cryptocurrency market is very lacking of new products that will provide a comprehensive information and analysis platform that allows one to evaluate ICO and blockchain projects on the basis of unbiased information about potential risk factors, it is clear to classical investors from the world of fiat economics.


The short notation for the Neironix token is NRX.
Value of one NRX token: 1 NRX = 0.001061571 ETH.
Minimum number of Token Sale participants: 0.1 ETH.
Currency accepted: ETH, BTC.

This project uses NRX tokens. The purchase price of advertising and information services on the Neironix platform will be well demonstrated in the cryptocurrency market. Payment for advertising services will only be accepted in the NRX token.

This is a token utility that is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform in the ERC20 standard.
The NRX utility token is used in the NEIRONIX ecosystem as a payment medium - the internal currency of the project is needed to buy every advertising and information service.

The developers have created solutions to this problem. Neironix is the first international rating agency to assess investment risk in the blockchain economy. Rating on this platform is done to produce different results, artificial neural networks and multidimensional analysis of large amounts of data.


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