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image.pngTrade Pharma Network is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharma-centric marketplace of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform uses powerful AI algorithms to enable efficient search & digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders but also Blockchain as we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership to fight efficiently against counterfeit medicines, in Europe & Worldwide. ​We are also providing a full suite of services that facilitate information exchange, communication and transactions between pharma and healthcare institutions.

About Trade Pharma Network

Trade Pharma Network is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharma-centric marketplaceof choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform uses powerful AI algorithms to enable efficient search & digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders but also Blockchain as we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership to fight efficiently against counterfeit medicines, in Europe & Worldwide. Thus, our business model rely on the 3 following major principles:


Our underlying technology is built on private, public and hybrid Blockchain networks that bring transparency into this multi-billion industry. Indeed, Trade Pharma Network through its cutting-edge decentralized applications that enable our users to disrupt the trust industry with the aim of changing the world for the better through a distributed ledger technology without being constrained by limited input from outside our network.


Our platform uses AI-driven technology that consist in powerful algorithms requiring state-of-the-art Machine Learning technique as well as quality datasets compared to the more traditional Machine Learning algorithms of today. This AI technology enables programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between the supply & the demand, with a personal touch.


Our main service is dedicated to the pharmaceutical trade and the platform is linking together, importers & expoorters distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profits and our corporate partners in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way.



Pharmaceutical Trade and User Experience

Trade Pharma Network will provide a multi-service platform and new trading experience for consumers by integrating Blockchain & AI into the Marketplace to create useful, effective site navigation and provide users with more detailed product descriptions and visualizations.

Prevention of counterfeit pharmaceuticals

Providing healthcare providers with opportunities to increase the transparency and trust in their supply chain and supply, creating more predictability for producers to prevent drug shortages and counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and parallel imports.

Related “things”

A global network of small, powerful sensors that allows for physical, physical, and mobile devices to connect, interact and exchange data with each other using Blockchain & IoT & IIoT.

Scalable blocking and exchange of crypto-currencies

The second-level scalability solution, providing 1 billion transactions per second and the highly secure Blockchain / off-chain, significant improvements in the convenience of payments and exchange in crypto-currencies that perform atomic swaps in a decentralized and non-confessional manner. Users will be able to freely convert to any desired token, including the token of the trading network (TXP), to eliminate fees and purchases, all in a simple and effective manner.

Pharmaceuticals and staff health

Creating a talent community and strong relationships with niche candidates that some of our clients can not find. Assistance to intermediaries in the free placement of hard-to-reach contractors, freelancers and regular employees in the field of health and pharmaceuticals, using intellectual contracts.

Promotion of charity

Empowering people to better communicate with the causes they care about using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. Using the advanced platform, we provide an algorithmic comparison of organizations and donors and a decentralized payment system with the lowest tariffs available worldwide.

Manufacture of additives

We believe that in the next 2-3 years we will be able to commercialize printed tablets. The biggest problem for 3D printing is not the technology itself, but rather a regulatory environment. We started, along with our partners (pharmacists, academics, …), laying the foundation for 3D printing of personalized medicines at several distribution points.


Trade Pharma Network: pharmaceutical companies to safely and efficiently trade in pharmaceuticals, as well as in the supply chain and supply chains.



Develop your business by competing for what matters. We support high-quality authentic products made with the care of your customers.



Our business is designed to give you an advantage with your customers for greater pro-activity in terms of export and import.



Engage your customers and / or suppliers with real-time information and data.



Trading platform Pharma Network supports high-quality authentic products, made with care for your patients.



Whether you are striving to strengthen your work with our solutions based on AI and Blockchain, strategic partnerships are at the heart of our growth plan.



Our business is also called upon to give creative non-profit organizations for philanthropic charitable and charitable activities based on medicine.

Indeed, we are committed to reducing counterfeit products, managing patients, eliminating insurance fraud, authenticity and traceability throughout the supply chain, and real-time integration with the Internet of things (IoT) and other intelligent devices.


Our team is firmly convinced that innovation and creativity in pharmaceutical trade and pharmaceutical services make a difference for all parties in order to create a reliable and innovative pharmaceutical market that allows pharmacists and healthcare professionals to effectively and effectively use our full range of services for the best interest of patients. And also prepare tomorrow with other vision based on advanced technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and IoT.

Our business is designed to provide creative importers and distributors, drug manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital and pharmaceutical pharmacies, non-profit organizations and our corporate partners with their customers and / or suppliers. We help them to reduce the complexity and cost of the process of trade transactions. Our team always guarantees that everything works smoothly, and all parties are happy.


AI & Blockchain:

Trade Pharma Network is the newest platform based on algorithms based on AI that require Deep Learning methods and quality data sets, as well as several decentralized applications (dApps), which use the public, private and hybrid blockades, as well as solutions of the second level (off-chain).

IoT / IIoT:

This technology deals with the related equipment, tracking men and materials, managing sample life cycles, intelligent packaging and monitoring the cold chain. This applies to IoT applications, which are particularly well suited for healthcare organizations and a pharmaceutical company. With the help of our partners, here is our offer for our customers:

Increasing production efficiency

• Intelligent equipment that collects operational data and status (operating time, temperature, load, readiness for use / in operation / in

cleaning / maintenance)

• Add sensor packages to collect device data and build an internal platform using IoT industrial platforms

• Start the data analytics to predict when a piece of equipment can be turned off

• Automate incident requests caused by integration with ticket management systems

• Sensors that collect metadata for analysis to identify and reduce the causes of process variability and

• Visibility of the movement of people and materials through the workshop through tracking and monitoring technologies.

Tracking products in stock

Increase operational efficiency in the warehouse

• Sensors on products / bearers, information about the product, inventory and inconsistencies

pocket warehouse controller device / dashboard

• The device uses sensor data to simulate three-dimensional viewing in real-time storage

• Built-in sensor packages on forklifts track their location and use

• The wireless reader records data (volume, dimensions) transmitted from the pallets as they arrive

Maintain the required storage conditions

• Environmental sensors collect data in areas controlled by warehouse temperature to monitor environmental conditions


• Active and passive registrar

excursions Aligning production and demand

• Sensors collect and analyze data on the movement of goods – from the warehouse, to distribution, production planning.

Tracking products at each point

Ensuring integrity and tracking of products throughout the supply chain

• 2-D barcodes, RFID tags and smart labels for packaging

• NFC sensors for packaging drugs and vaccines

• Electronic circuit / chip for packaging material

• Packaging data transmitted during the transport of medicines and during the dispensing of medicines

• Data collected in a central system, transmitted through a private or public cloud to ensure that it is tracked and informed of decisions.

Optimizing Inventory Costs for Supply Chain Partners

• 2-D barcodes, RFID tags and smart tags used in packaging

• Transmitters in warehouses fix the movement of the cargo and report to the central place

• Inventory and supply chain solutions use real-time information about the movement of the product to ensure an optimal inventory level

Management of temperature spikes and maintenance of quality of drugs during transit

• Insert the environmental sensors inside the food / pallet packages into transport containers to constantly monitor the temperature


• Use software sensors to automatically notify you when a vaccine is stored outside the specified temperature range

whether by removal from the cooled environment or in the malfunction of refrigeration equipment


The first three-dimensional printed medications clearly illustrate the potential of the pharmaceutical industry. With exceptional versatility and an integral ability to customize products, we are firmly convinced that 3D printing will finally blow up the field of affordable personalized medicine. With the help of our biotechnology partners, we rely on the following 3D printing technologies:

Selective laser sintering (SLS)

Using a laser to convert the powder into solid particles. We can include drugs in the powder for the production of drugs

Printing with semi-solid extrusion (SE)

The conversion of semi-solid substances into chewable tablets, which are very useful in pediatric and geriatric patients

Modeling of fused deposition (FDM)

Melting the raw material from the extruded polymer to construct the object in stages, such as a pharmaceutical quality polymer that can be loaded with the active ingredient (s) to create modified release medications

Stereolithography (SLA)

Using a laser to convert a liquid material into solid parts, a polymer that can also be loaded with the active ingredient (s)

Tablet design (TD)

Use of CAD software to develop tablets for further printing. Thus, we can produce medicines of any geometry


The pharmaceutical pharmaceutical network (TXP) will serve as the main method of access to transactions in the pharmaceutical market. The token will be able to be stored in our private wallet, and then sent to the platform for easy transactions for services, avoiding the hassle of using Bitcoin’s outrageous fees card. The marker is supported by the Ethereum Blockchain and is built on the ERC20 standard.


It is designed to facilitate the interaction between the team of the Trade Pharma Network and its growing pharmacological community.

Provides a sustainable business model by allocating tokens precisely in the growth of a pool for use after the ICO will fund community camps to improve this project.

Forum Trade Pharma Network is intended to be used as a means of communication for potential partnerships and future ideas for the expansion of the company. Members of the community (developers, designers, …) can use their tokens to contribute to the growth of the project, or get token from the growth of the pharma trading network, which will be allocated for the specific task.


During the ICO, the token will be transferred directly to investors. An unsold token will be burned at the end of the ICO, and different relationships will remain the same to maintain a good balance of the new ecosystem and its economy. No new issue of the token will be made after the end of the ICO.



The graph on the right indicates the distribution of funds collected during the ICO:

Innovation Laboratory 10%

Law and compliance 10%

Outreach initiatives, integration, marketing, business development and partnership 35%

The main trading group Pharma Network, R & D & Operations 45%


Trade Pharma Network will coin 1 billion total tokens, each with a value of $ 0.07 USD and a $ 70 million business with an initial turnover of 500 million tones (50% of the total token) at the conclusion of the ICO. This number will be subject to future changes based on the amount of growth of the pool.

SoftCap: 2.5 million dollars

MiddleCap: $ 10 Million

HardCap: $ 20 million


Private sale: August 20 – September 28

Pre TGE: October 2 – October 16

Home TGE: October 17 – November 16


The chart on the left shows the total breakdown of the maximum number of tokens:

Growth pool, operations, marketing, team 35%

TXP conducted 25%

(Pre) TGE, Referral, Bounty 25%

Trading network of pharmaceutical network 15%

Direction 1%

Bounty 1%


Tyler is the Founder, President and CEO of Trade Pharma Network a division of Tesla Duo Group Ltd. He is committed to making Trade Pharma Network a smart & intelligent Marketplace linking Pharma & Healthcare professionals togethers for a common goal: The Well-Being of Patients. With a Pharm.D., 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a lifelong learner, he strives to help a large variety organizations disrupt through the power of technology, for the best interest of patients. He specializes in creating AI, Blockchain, IoT & 3D printing Solutions for Global Pharma Trade & World-Class Services. He can be contacted via email: – Personal Website:

Dr. Tyler I. Sainkoudje/ Founder, President & CEO

David Rockefeller/ Business Mentor

Marie N. Mendez/ Managing Director

Xavier Schneider/ Pharma & Digital Health Expert

Ahmad Dewanto/ Campaign Manager

Advisory Board

Yaliwe Soko/ ICO Advisor

Amarpreet Singh/ Top 10 Global ICO Advisor

Meirav Harel/ PR, Trade & Financial Advisor

Meghann Chilcott/ Pharma Technology Expert

David Murry/ ICO Advisor

Igor Jiang Nen Cai/ ICO Legal Advisor

Eugene Akintev/ Technical Advisor


Strategic partnerships with the world’s leading companies are at the core of Trade Pharma Network’s plan to grow. Like us, our partners are dedicated to enhancing their customers’ experiences and enabling us to provide complete solutions to your business.

Official website:






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