BitSong ICO (BTSG Token): Decentralized Music Streaming Blockchain


Music is a thing of entertainment, everybody enjoy the pleasure and I can emphasis that everybody like listen to music. The music industry has grown beyond what many of us might assume because it is a kind of profession that gives joy to both the singers and the listeners. Songs itself is as old as stone; songs start from the days where flute and other musical instrument is used to cook up songs beats.
The development over many sectors has also hit the music industry where digital instrument or mixers are used to create beast for songs.
Though the industry is still facing some difficulties which need to be address.
The introduction of blockchain as seen as a development that disrupt the traditional way of doing things. It also has features that resolve majority challenges facing many sectors including the music industry.

Today I want to introduce a blockchain-based project that want to revolutionize the music industry and fill all the holes and setback facing the industry. The platform is called BitSong.

What Is BitSong?

BitSong is the first-ever decentralized, music streaming platform to have been built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is supposedly a project that benefits both musicians and listeners. The listeners will not only be given the opportunity to access new music but will also be earning for every play (this will be discussed in detail later on).

When it comes to the musicians’ end, there is obviously a lot of work tied to releasing a single, from writing and composing to financing it. Unfortunately, not all musicians have the necessary funds to create music videos let alone producers to invest in them.

According to the BitSong team, each musician can be relieved as their work will reach its audience without any negative influences preventing them. This can mean eliminating individuals who raise costs unnecessarily, any type of manipulation in rankings or the need for labels or distributors.

The BitSong Decentralized Music Streaming Blockchain Solution

BitSong has several measures that it plans to implement in order to maximize a musician’s potential. Based on BitSong’s white paper, artists:

No longer need a record label to upload music
Will get revenues from the advertising generated by one’s music
Can resell songs and use on social networks to build a fan-based loyalty
Will receive immediate payments
Will have a better idea as to the associated costs without having to spend in excess
All of the listed points above are said to be possible because of BitSong’s use of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that brings together all computer devices into one. In doing so, a high-throughput block storage will be provided, as well as content addressing with hyperlinks to them. In addition, artists can now distribute their work on their own, not have to worry about others copying their work and contents will be loaded at a much faster rate, which can save external bandwidth.

BitSong is a blockchain-based platform that aimed to bring revolution to the music industry by disrupting the outdated system and resolve all the challenges facing the industry and build a better platform which will make the ego of music industry come back to alive. BitSong is creating a better musical framework which will make production of music beat and promotion of music become easier.


Creating beat for your music is not easy, so the third party (DJ) that creates beats do charge musicians. Many upcoming artists could not afford to pay for a beats that suit that music type. This challenges has pulled many talented artists back to square one.

In the current music industry, producers are even benefitting from most from a song. They usually take more percentage just to help an artists promote his songs. This has make artists go home less or empty without any tangible share of his talent.

Bitsong has introduced their token termed “BTSG Token”. This will be the utility token of this platform. The BTSG tokens will be used to pay artists for their songs, and to pay users for listening to music.

The ICO event is on, let support this project so that we will all enjoy the benefits Bitsong platform will offer.

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