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This is the best century which has brought the best innovative idea that leads to the development in block-chain technology. With the use of block-chain, business men, organizations and the entire public has been so relax in carrying out their business activities. Organizations are no more finding it difficult in satisfying the needs of their customers due to available facilities developed for easy and efficient management of those organizations. Technology is the best development that has helped to bring people together from all part of the world. Through the social media you can reach any one in any part of the world, you can buy and sell from and to any one in any part of the world through the use of internet. People are able to access the market through internet. The era of Block-chain technology has help the public invest their funds and earn huge profit in retune. The Era of block-chain leads me to this trending platform “MUZIKA”. Muzika is transforming the music world through block-chain and also closing the gap between music artists and fans. Be on the right side and join Muzika, click on the link below.

Muzika revolutionizes the music industry by establishing a self-sustaining and righteous digital music ecosystem that will;

Eliminate unnecessary intermediaries
Empower musicians and consumers
Decentralize distribution power and
Restore the balance of economic distribution among market players.
Muzika holds the promise of a future where compensation for a musical creation becomes proportional to the effort and dedication put into the creative process.
For the past two decades, the music industry has gone through two enormous paradigm shifts: one from ‘tangible albums’ to ‘intangible files’, and one from ‘download’ to ‘streaming.’ The former made music more accessible and widespread, and the latter elevated the levels of cash flow into the industry.
However, the share of these boosted profits that musicians receive has seen a decline. Distributors and publishers are enjoying excessive and long-lasting returns for a one-time and unsophisticated task. The issue of digital copyright piracy still remains unresolved. Fans hope to see the musicians they love happy, but do not have any role to fill other than consuming digital music that is packaged by the distributors and publishers.
Muzika is gearing up to overturn the depressing reality of today’s digital music market. From A to Z, Muzika will transform the digital music industry and re-define the roles of the market players involved, including consumers and musicians. The MuzikaCoin (MZK) will serve as the sole medium for all the transactions and exchanges necessary within the new ecosystem, sparking a paradigm shift in the digital music industry. You are invited to join the revolution. Muzika is a revolutionary coin economy that will reshape the global digital music industry.

Muzika shall operate on some major principles to ensure the platform becomes a reality. This shall ensure the full realization of the Muzika theory. Some two major principles amongst the any solutions are:

a. Decentralizing distribution of power and
b. Eliminating economic inequalities widespread in the industry

The value of the token will stem from the value generated form the project or platform itself. When adoption increases and many people come on board, Muzika shall then transfer this reputation furthermore into the token, and this shall be a natural occurrence. Apart from that, the value of the token shall also be derived from a true use case of the tokens. The Muzika ken shall serve some functions such as:
A medium of exchange for the many economic activities on the platform- community building, sponsorship, purchasing commercial items, and community programs alongside many other benefits.
Muzika shall also ensure the ability to convert some loyalty points gained on the platform into the tradeable tokens. This is more like get paid by doing so many different things on the platform. Check it out in the picture below

Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain!, the sound of blockchain makes others happy whereas others get angry, probably because they think what they do not believe in cannot prosper but every day blockchain makes the news. The interventions blockchain has orchestrated in the digital, financial and economic world are so many to describe. In future when the adoption increases, early adopters are going to be the gurus.
Some various sectors that blockchain has made impact area the health, agriculture, shipping, commerce, finance and so much more. This discussion is going to focus on yet another great area where blockchain seeks to address a huge problem and that is the music entertainment industry. This industry has an awesome number of people actively engaged. Anyways, who does not love music? There other side is that both creators of musical content and their consumers have been suffering for long. In fact, they have been cheated for long and they need a liberation. That is where the Muzika initiative come sin.
Before we continue, let us look at some of the problems in this sector. A high number of centralized activities particularly related to distribution of content, and interference of intermediaries are just a few of the problems. In addition, musical content creators get poor remuneration for their hard work thereby making the distributors enjoy majority of the benefits.
The above mentioned problems are some of the reasons why there is the need for a revolution in the music industry using blockchain technology. That is where Muzika comes in. The main motive of the Muzika initiative is a future where compensation for a musical creation will be proportional to the effort and dedication put into the creative process, and that is by the creators of the content. Current solution is by moving the power towards a more decentralized manner-this helps in giving power back to the ordinary content creator.

Muzika is a great platform for music lovers and musicians. It is a revolution that seeks to make sure you get rewarded for doing the great things you have been doing always. Get involved with this and enjoy greatness. Find out more about Muzika by getting in touch below:

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