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LiveTalk : Livestream 1st Channel Combined With Electronic Money

*What are the advantages of live talk compared to other applications or live streams? … **
See quotes from Live Talk that distinguish Live Talk from other Live streams.

  1. Proactive Content: If like before, the brand really must depend on the DPR to make radio programs broadcast live, now with live-stream technology they can fully master the game from time to time, the content of the location program, which is not run with special requirements.

  2. Save Cost: Development of live streaming technology has brought programs to viewers with only minimum equipment requirements for (smartphones and internet connections), it does not depend on the TV station itself helping the optimal brand is the direct cost to the program. Increase iteration that

  3. Effective: In the boom era of Social Media, interactions become indispensable activity for all media content, whether made directly by a live-stream only help raise awareness about the program, and also creating a channel interactive connect with users the brand & message the brand wants to convey. ”

From the quotation above, we have ensured that Live Talk has more features than most Live Stream, which so far exist either on the Live Stream application or directly, it is also supported by the interaction for Live Streamers and also brand bearers to be more able to interact with their users. .
And also Live Talk has researched the Live Stream that has been and they already have some shortcomings that have existed in most Live Stream as quoted in Live Talk.

Current issue of the Live Stream market
• Currently on the market there is still limited streaming application platform integration
Blockchain stream.
• Live Stream applications like Youtube or FaceBook don’t have built-in features
to contribute to the Streamer application.
• Applications are pretty much Live Stream, single user traffic is not high.
• Many Live Stream applications are only domestic applications that are not connected to
• Realize that potential, we have studied and launched the LiveTalk Project Network, broadly
network with ambitious Streaming market coverage throughout the world.

Live Talk is not only present on Live Stream, they open ICO tokens based on the Ethereum platform that allows Live Talk to have an extensive network for now. Let’s refer to the following Roadmap from Live Talk.
Live Talk ICO Token Sale with $ 3M Soft Cap and $ 18M Hard Cap. Indicates they are not playing with this project considering their Soft Cap reaches $ 3M.
For more info on this project, please visit the link below:

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