NANOHEALTHCARE (NHCT) - Ecosystem Driven by Blockchain of Total Health for All


NanoHealthCare Tokens (NHCT) is a health blockchain system developed by a professional team to create environmentally friendly ecosystems and provide benefits to users for health. NHCT provides broadness in decentralized health and fitness as developed using NanoHealth.

NanoHealth is an application that is recommended for health capable of supporting a variety of personalized symptoms for non-communicable patients (NCDs) with high success rates for patients. This application also has the ability to provide useful information to each stakeholder.

Technology with an interesting concept that is combined with a Health Coach to help create health dashboard that can be used to map the health of an organization. NanoHealth provides action on AI recommendations for a healing that has risks. NanoHealth enables providing sustainable care within the scope of its users.

The services provided by NanoHealth have very high benefits for its users, one of them with a complete network of health care providers in one package, ranging from physical and fitness. very potential in complete Total Health to guarantee diet and mental health for its users.

NanoHealth has 4 foundations on its blockchain system in this platform, each of which has its own interests to build or develop an NHCT ecosystem platform to be more efficient and comfortable for users.


Medical data overall is very efficient and prone to losses that require strong protection with decentralized data storage will have high security.


Transaction services Standard data exchange with blockchain provides a high level of security and privacy, without friction through a distributed ledger.


Ethereum Blockchain integration supports smart contracting on the Nanohealth platform. able to provide transaction services without intermediaries.


Tokens that can provide points on intensive medical and health-based data for users and can also provide high-quality benefits.

There are every process from different platforms but not this one, NanoHealth has an attractive insurance process, First “Claim Processing” with the speed of processing user claims can provide convenience to users, Second “Claim Reduction” which can provide special rewards to users in the ecosystem to provide improved health and fitness to the user, and third the “Personal Plan” as a result of examining the personal data of insurance company users can predict future clients with the stages of the process and can develop product insurance to be greater for individual users.


There are 2 stages of research and clinical trials on this platform. Information on “Health Information Exchange” First of all anonymous health data from users can only be purchased with NHCT tokens found on the NHCT platform because verified data is very important for research. Second “Royalties from Patents” Data produced by Patients (PGHD) researchers are willing to pay NHCT royalties into the ecosystem because they also develop patents using verified data because the NHCT is the only ecosystem that provides longitudinal data for certain types of long-term research time.


The Health and Fitness Marketplace Service which aims to build ecosystems globally for health connects providers to a network of users using NHCT tokens, in return, they get services for goods and services. Third Party Applications
There are several things needed in developing applications for the existence of third parties.

First In developing applications, the API for open access has been provided for partnerships and medical applications. Through this API will improve the quality of the application. Both NHCT Ecosystems will enable insurance to target customers at no cost, provide benefits or offer savings to users so that when users get appropriate insurance, no distribution costs are needed. third by integrating applications allowing ecosystems to give them a market for integrated applications.


NHCT will become more dominating in the field of health and users, becoming a global ecosystem in the medical world. Direct users can be connected between doctors who will be guided carefully according to their instructions and help to save money in medical treatment.


The NHCT platform has a better-structured concept than other platforms. The NHCT has 75,000 users and can be further enhanced and will continue to grow over the time already in the NHCT Ecosystem. Glocal Adoption provides free registration for anyone to become one of the Ecosystem services. the ecosystem will connect to each user and will start earning awards at the NHCT when meeting verification of the health of Partnership users through the ecosystem of partnership development on NHCT platforms to different levels including working with health application developers to provide access to NHCT using API integration.

Token Summary & Token Distribution
The first metric used to ern tokens in the NHT ecosystem is a calorie .The Exchange is as follows :
100 cal = 1 Wawa and
50 cal = 1 Warma
100 Wawas = 1 NHCT and
50 Warmas = 1 NHCT

The supply of NHCTs will be restricted.The numner of Wawas and Warmas earned in the ecosystem in a fifteen day period will then determine the conversion ratio to NHCTs.As adoption of the program increas,it will become more challenging to convert Wawas and Warmas to NHCTs.With greater number of users,the conversion rate will go up.

Whitelisting open on : 1 September 2018
KYC : Yes,required
Public sale : 15 November 2018
Token Unit : NanohealthCare Token
Token Type : ER20
Symbol : NHCT
Fundraising Goal $ 1.000.000 (Soft Cap) / $ 9.000.000 ( Hard Cap )
Total token : 1 .000.000.000 ( 1 billion )
Base price : $ 0.032
Available for Token Sale : 35 % of total tokens

Team & Advisor
The NHCT team declared in the pitch that the private investors would receive a gratuity as well as a special price protection. They were able to rake in commitments worth $2 million for the private sale period.

You can find all the details about this project, the sale of chips, the team and the steps they will take in a more elaborate form and with more technical details at the addresses listed below:
Web Site:


bitcointalk profile link:;u=2093849

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