Room bounty collect your data to watch you

So, let's understand - that "privacy policy" means and "Room baunt collect your data to watch you".

Personal data in baunt an office it most often:

  • IP
  • e-mail
  • cookies
  • browser and its version
  • device model
  • device sizes

They do it better to understand motivation of bauntist and to save expenses on carrying out a baunta on it. One more reason - to collect a set of data for sale or carrying out other a baunta. Creators room baunt often dishonest people also make them not for receiving likes and reposts, and for collecting your data

"What to do?" - you ask.

  1. To avoid room a baunta
  2. after receiving tokens write the letter to the administrator "I ask to remove my personal data" - he will be obliged to remove all your data.

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