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Users will estimate the websites on the 5th ball scale. The websites will have ratings the best websites will become the most visited only not thanks to advertizing any more, and thanks to content, interesting and attractive to users!

In the last decades our life has significantly changed advanced technologies, the Internet have strongly entered our life. But there is no limit to perfection and every day there is something new that allows our life to become even more comfortable. The world wide web quickly entices but also in this services sector there are too several shortcomings which the project intends to eliminate.
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What will change with the project?
We will be able to work and have a rest on the Internet without advertizing. A familiar situation when to get access to viewing of the interesting movie it is necessary to watch the commercial and in certain cases on the course of the movie and any., It seems, only several seconds but agree without advertizing much better. Our confidential information will be in safety. Whether you noticed that it is worth looking on the Internet for these or those things on your page after a while advertizing offers of those goods appear. The project will exclude tracking users. will provide anti-virus protection all malicious applications will be blocked, there will be no cyber attacks that will keep our personal data in safety. We will be able to enjoy faster viewing of the programs interesting us on the Internet any advertizing significantly slows down the speed of opening of the websites, the lack of advertizing will inevitably lead to increase in speed.
Expansion of the browser will be both for desktop and for mobile browsers by means of the warning system in the top corner of the browser user support will be carried out. In the mobile application there will be a blocking of advertizing, tracking, the anti-virus program, the amplifier of productivity of the accumulator that will lead to increase in period of operation of the device without recharge. It will function as a purse. There is a wish to note that despite the project falling рынк at the moment I have already collected 45 million US dollars that is confirmation of investor confidence to the project.
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The purse will work in all main operating systems and browsers. Your phone and the tablet will have one application for your purse, an advertizing blocker, a tracking script, anti-virus protection and a desktop operating system will also have a special purse of the application.

On the the full section devoted to search of all places will be submitted where you can buy, using the commercial system developed houses. Besides the market will contain detailed information on that as other dealers can integrate our trade system. Also information on the international groups of partners will be available.

Merchants will be able to accept kriptovy payments through our system using our API or previously constructed modules for the most popular software solutions for electronic commerce such as shopify, prestashop, OpenCart, Magento and others.

Information on tokens
On the platform use of three types of tokens is provided: OIO, ICE, TST. OIO tokens are key on the platform. The purpose of tokens of OIO - to load the platform.

Tokens will be used by ICE for micropayments and daily use. The fixed quantity of tokens of ICE will be generated every week and will be distributed as follows: 20% for holders of tokens of OIO of 20% to founders of remunerations for future developments of the decision of, marketing and on the partner purposes of 60% for operators of the website. ICE will be available at various exchanges. Tokens of ICE are distributed depending on time spent by end users on the websites tied to an ecosystem. The release of tokens of ICE isn't limited but the released sum will decrease by 30% every year within 10 years. In 10 years the quantity of tokens of ICE generated in a year remains fixed. Tokens are necessary for TST on the platform for stimulation of users to range

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Elevator Pitch - Singapore Private Meetup 07.05.2018

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