(ICO) ARROUND - A breakthrough communication platform

ARROUND is a good breakthrough communication platform supplying users an attractive individualized world, advertisers a current marketing channel, AR developers an enormous market for computer software and hardware?
Augmented reality is prepared to break into the world. ARROUND can be a conductor of innovative technologies, this is a free request for the mass marketplace, a unique portal for marketers, SDK and API system for developers.

Advertisers get yourself a new radical approach to attract a market. Users locate a new exciting digital environment; AR developers get yourself a massive demand for computer software and hardware.

About the project:
ARROUND can be an augmented reality system, by which new opportunities to promote are created, operating working with blockchain technology. Standard users should be able to interact with factors of augmented certainty through the mobile machine application. Furthermore to users, the ARROUND program can integrate brands, advertisers, marketing agencies and builders of AR systems within its ecosystem. The movements towards the expansion of VR and AR technology is undoubtedly today one of the most promising, as evidenced by the large numbers of companies that operate in this industry. The capitalization of the companies as well indicates that.
What problems will this platform solve?
The problem for advertisers may be the oversaturation of the advertising marketplace in real life, which causes a lower in the potency of advertising campaigns and a rise in finance charges for it. ARROUND creates a fresh space to promote, where it has a targeted concentrate and will require significantly less cost. Likewise, this program solves the condition of insufficient demand for AR systems. On its basis, you will have interaction between marketers and AR developers, that will motivate the latter to build up new technologies.
What's interesting for users system ARROUND?
First, of most, it is a possibility to weed away non-interesting advertising, information, etc. A regular user, looking, for instance, at a shopping mall through a smartphone’s video camera, should be able to see the stock he's thinking about, advertising goods. Furthermore, you'll be able to create your very own rounds or to start to look at the series of good friends. For advertisers, very very good conditions are manufactured for conducting promotional initiatives, which make it conceivable to depend on their high efficiency. The created marketing content is targeted, and you will be noticeable and then those users who will be considering it and who happen to be potential customers. Also, marketing inside AR will demand much less financial bills (since there happen to be no intermediaries, promoters, no charges for the physical development of advertising, because of its unit installation, etc.) This ensures that marketing on a billboard in real life will be more expensive than positioning it in this place, only in AR. Circumstances are also designed for the task of advertising companies and freelancers. Applying the platform toolkit, they'll be in a position to create the required advertising content for buyers.
The ARR Token may be the merely internal payment unit. Users according to their role upon this platform and capabilities can pay for ARROUND products and services. Primary, ARR will be accessible at all levels of the sales, and it will be on the exchanges. Later on, the team ideas to switch to its blockchain.
This is ARROUND’s social network, which will be available for both Android and iOS and available for free in Google Play and Apple’s App Retailer. The central concept of the network can be to get increased certainty into public arranging, making it possible for every individual to make and show AR content material with their close friends while producing latest good friends in the method.

Users will become ready to create Times, AR objects that can contain an assortment of mass media types, and place them in physical locations. Different users can interact with these Times employing regular interpersonal activities, many of these a loving, posting and reacting to them.
AR Community integrates into the rest of the cultural networking space via available APIs, meaning that content on ARROUND can come to be distributed to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp as very well as by email. A collection of AR items will come to be presented to users on the ARROUND system by default.
Customization and more AR objects will come to be offered by developers and by industrial companions. These further AR experiences will end up being attainable through the AR Store, which will come to be a key characteristic of the AR Friendly request.

More detailed information can be obtained from the technical documentation of the project or ask questions in the main forum thread.

Website : https://arround.io/
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3014006.0
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ARROUND-2052833448334195/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ArroundPlatform
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/arround/
Telegram : https://t.me/ArroundSupport
Github : https://github.com/ArroundPlatform
BItcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1673535

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