ARROUND is an augmented reality platform through which new opportunities for advertising are created, working with the use of blockchain technology. Ordinary users will be able to interact with the elements of augmented reality (hereinafter AR) through the application for mobile devices. Besides users, ARROUND platform will be able to unite brands, advertisers, advertising agencies and developers of AR technologies within its ecosystem. The movement towards the development of VR and AR technologies today is one of the more promising, as evidenced by the huge number of companies that work in this industry. This is also indicated by the capitalization of these companies.
What problems does this platform solve? The problem for advertisers is the oversaturation of the advertising market in the real world, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and the growth of financial costs for it. ARROUND creates a new space for placing advertising where it will have a target orientation, and will require much less cost. Also, this platform solves the problem of AR technologies being unclaimed. On its basis, there will be interaction between advertisers and AR developers, which will encourage the latter to develop new technologies.

The main tool in the communication of advertisers and users will be an application for mobile devices. It is through it, users will be able to see ads and other items posted in AR. The application itself is available for download (for Android system), but it is in testing mode so the average user will not be able to register yet. The basic concept inside the app is"round". This is digital content (3D object, image, text, link to some resource) tied to a specific location. In AR conditions, there are wide opportunities to use rounds for marketing purposes. Thus, ordinary users will be able to create their own rounds (which will be able to see only themselves, or their friends). Advertisers will be available a wider functionality in the creation of such content: it can be a flat banner ad (containing not only text or image, but also video), 3D objects, navigation. At the same time, the visibility of each round for users can be configured depending on the advertising purposes, as well as on the tariff plan purchased by the advertiser.

In the ARROUND application there are three main components: the camera (through which interaction with AR elements occurs), the news feed from the rounds (the user receives news only from those rounds for which he is subscribed), the map with the display of rounds on the terrain. There will also be different user roles: an ordinary user (interacts with rounds of advertisers and other users, has limited opportunities to create rounds), a professional blogger (has a wider functionality for creating rounds), a brand account (company account), an advertising agent account (creating advertising content using a wide range of tools), a moderator (advises users on emerging issues, controls the creation of rounds according to internal rules). It is also worth noting here that within the ARROUND platform there is a Portal – a web resource through which advertisers and bloggers can manage their content, pay for the use of the platform's services.

What is interesting for users of the platform ARROUND? First and foremost is the ability to filter out not interesting ads, news, etc. a Normal user, looking, for example, on the Mall through the smartphone camera will be able to see his interest, advertising of goods. Besides, there is the opportunity to create their own rounds, or rounds to see friends. For advertisers, very good conditions are created for conducting advertising campaigns, allowing them to count on high performance. The created advertising content is targeted, and will be visible only to those users who are interested in it, and who are potential customers. Also, advertising inside AR will require much less financial costs (since there are no intermediaries, promoters, there are no costs for the physical production of advertising, its installation, etc.). This means that advertising on a Billboard in the real world will be much more expensive than placing it on this place, only in AR. Conditions are also created for the work of advertising agencies and freelancers. Using the platform's tools, they will be able to create the content necessary for advertising for customers.

The use of tokens

The token ARRAY (created on the Ethereum blockchain) is the only internal unit of payment. Users depending on their role on this platform, and features will pay ARROUND. First, ARR can be purchased at all stages of the sale, and then it will be available on the exchanges. In the future, the team plans to switch to its own blockchain.

Token sale
Token — ARR
Pre-sale — February 27, 2018 may 1, 2018
Private sale — until September 15, 2018 (bonus 40%)
Token-sale — September 15, 2018 November 15, 2018.
Token price - $ 0.035
The minimum amount of fees - $5 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $30 000 000
Tokens created— 3 000 000 000 ARR (unsold tokens will be burned)

The distribution of tokens:
48.3% - sales
8.2% bonus at time of sale
22% - community development and liquidity Fund (includes advisors, partners, etc.))
10% of the Fund for the support of the holders of the Master nodes
10% - command
1.5% bounty

Team members are represented on the site along with links to their pages on LinkedIn. Note that there are only 9 people, which allows us to assume that it is not all members of the team. SEO this project is Neil Bryant, since 2003 working in Moscow. Prior to that, he held positions related to financial and marketing activities in companies such as Badoo, PayOnline, Alpari Group, RIA Novosti. Among the participants we note Artem Haritonov, who also participated in the KYC project team.LEGAL, and Kate Bublik, who participated in the project team Humancoin.

Let's pay attention to the team of advisors. There are 5 of them. The most famous of them: Vladimir Nikitin (participated in such projects: KYC.LEGAL, Pecunio, FTEC, DIW Token, Nauticus, Worldopoly, Enlte, Iagon) and Nathan Christian (participated in such projects: Moonlite, VeriME, Friendz, Online, Worldopoly, Bulleon, Datablockchain).

Overall results

Everyone should decide whether to take part in the token sale or not. I will not deny the personal disposition to this project. And it is absolutely reasonable. Active development of VR and AR technologies is what awaits us in the near future, and the market of this industry is difficult to imagine. And the idea of using AR to create an alternative advertising space seems very successful to me. Platform ARROUND can not only solve many existing problems of the advertising market, but also creates conditions for its more effective development. In addition, we have already noted above that it will be interesting and useful not only for advertisers, but also for ordinary users, bloggers, advertising agencies and freelancers, AR developers.

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