Humancoin - radical platform to operate in synergy with all the e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets

Regardless of the increase of new mechanics such as donating, the charity sector still cannot conquer its principal barrier -- a lack of confidence. Donors, many of whom are private people, only lack the capacity to confirm if their funds have gotten to the addressee in complete and at the necessary interval, even when they move the cash with the assistance of technical associations. According to several sources, about 20 percent (or more) of donated funds wind up being maintained as administrative expenditures by charity bases.

Many are confronted with the complexity of cross-border obligations (if one wants to aid a foreign receiver ) and afterwards, possible problems with regulatory bodies. Additionally, donors are made to devote part of the well-intentioned donation about covering the operational expenses of the trade.

Humancoin is a radical platform that's altering the philanthropy sector for great specially made to operate in synergy with all the e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets, with Humancoin we can easily make contributions worldwide, track their cost online and receive discounts from your platform partners. Charitable projects can accept money with minimal outlay and at the shortest period in any suitable currency.

The Humancoin technologies, which was made to put a stop to this middleman, eliminates the very long term charity series consisting of banks, NGOs, country bodies and law firms. Blockchain supplies an electronic mechanism for viewing and recording any trade. It's necessary that the document can't be hacked or altered. Blockchain simplifies the confidence issue by giving transparency, traceability and safety.

Humancoin is the very first ever blockchain job in the background of this e-commerce industry which has the capacity to turn into a worldwide loyalty program aggregator. Rather than competing with existing apps, the Humancoin platform really builds partnerships together. The Humancoin token is convertible into miles, points, coupons, bonuses, tokens and can be effortlessly integrated into existing systems, with no forcing business owners to reconfigure them all it takes is placing a conversion speed

Significantly, the newest technology eases the evolution of direct funding platforms on a significantly bigger scale. Philanthropists themselves may finally gain from automatic smart contracts because the recipients of grants will probably simply have the ability to use their capital after fulfilling compulsory problems. Each of the numerous benefits that blockchain provides will spur the rise of the charity market. Over the last couple of decades, quite a few respected charitable organizations like the Red Cross, Save the Children and United Way, amongst others, have begun accepting contributions from cryptocurrencies.

Humancoin token will breathe fresh life to the philanthropy business, supplying a motor of growth while at precisely the exact same time turning into a premier international loyalty program for a growing number of partners. Humancoin's with philanthropy provides its tokens a exceptional benefit in creating loyalty programs with spouses, compared to other traditional loyalty reward tokens.

Virtually everybody recognizes the requirement to produce the philanthropic industry clear and totally familiar with the assistance of all blockchain technology. However, these are local or niche start-ups which don't operate past the philanthropic business.

By comparison, the Humancoin Foundation incorporates the charity business, cryptocurrency marketplace and e-commerce in one project. An ecosystem of the type gives a fresh incentive for donors, offering them the opportunity to make the most of numerous loyalty applications around the globe. While e-commerce players frequently take cryptocurrency, it isn't essential so as to come up with the Humancoin version.

Why Humancoins?

The Humancoin tokens may be convertible into any issues, miles, coupons, bonuses. And this gives a long-term, steady need for tokens.

Since the amount of spouses and the range of collaboration inside the Humancoin Network develops, so will the prevalence of the token. The Proof of Charity"mining" concept makes it possible for the job to scale thousands and hundreds of times.

How it works

Charitable jobs, both personal foundations and initiatives, enter the particulars from the Humancoin platform. They complete a standard form in the first phase. Later on, Humancoin intends to conduct a forensic audit with the support of technical legal and financial organizations. The donor will have the ability to decide on a job on the stage and move cash in their choice of money. To do so, he'll have to adjust the filters to discover a suitable project.

Among the purposes of this Humancoin ecosystem would be to unite individuals that are engaged in charitable activities, thus the platform will encourage all the significant languages.

Features Humancoin

This is the first ever blockchain project that has the potential to become a global e-commerce loyalty program aggregator. Association with philanthropy gives its tokens a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners creating a strong emotional resonance.

Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin token is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems — all it requires is setting a conversion rate.

ICO detail Humancoin

Token: HUMA
3,055,000,000 Humancoin tokens available at the Token Sale
The price of one token is $0.01
Minimum purchase — 0.1 ETH
Softcap — $6 mln
Hardcap — $26 mln
Expected to raise $1 mln

July 1–August 15,
Token Sale
2018 September 15–November 1, 2018
All tokens offered for sale in the Token Sale which go awry will probably be burnt. Tokens are allocated into the user's personal accounts, and will be dispersed
Following the Token Sale has concluded after which recorded on popular cryptoexchanges.

The funds raised in the Token Sale ascertain the organization's fiscal plan and will be invested on the creation of the job from the 4th quarter of 2018--2019. Continuing care of Humancoin's operations will be funded by the 5 percent commission from finance for charity projects.
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