Blockchains have suggestions for relatively every industry known to mankind. Installments and budgetary foundations were the perfect starts for Blockchains. In the most recent decade, blockchains have just empowered clients over the web to execute with one another in a trustless manner. This is a pivotal innovation that can enable us to plan more powerful, restriction safe applications regardless of what we endeavor to construct. Here's a glance at how Blockchains can enhance our current visit applications.

Organizations like Netflix upset digital TV by making it shoddy and simple to stream TV demonstrates on the web. Presently, spilling TV itself is being upset by the blockchain. New companies are utilizing blockchain innovation to understand the entanglements of conventional video spilling.

Live talk is a biological community on the immediate channels communicate live. We will consolidate prominent communicate directs on the planet, make a biological system asset of the diversion, EDM occasions through which the streamer can get a reward from Token from the framework, the client of the framework can likewise get tokens through competition recreations and Events.

Be that as it may, the present standard video spilling platforms are not great. They experience the ill effects of a few critical inconveniences from the viewpoints of both substance makers and watchers:

• Cost wastefulness. With a platform like Netflix, you pay a similar sum whether you watch a couple of long stretches of TV every month or hundreds. This is wasteful from a cost stance for clients.

• Disempowered content makers. On a platform like Netflix or YouTube, content makers may not hold responsibility for content that streams over the platform. They likewise miss out on income on the grounds that the platform takes a critical offer. On account of platforms that depend intensely on client created content, as YouTube, most substance makers profit.

• Overhead and startup cost. Content makers and clients who are troubled with their current gushing TV choices are not as a rule in a situation to make an elective platform. Building a conventional spilling TV arrangement sans preparation is an exceptionally costly and in fact complex undertaking. It requires noteworthy interest in brought together servers that can have content, the improvement of a modern programming structure and the sky is the limit from there.

• Privacy. On the off chance that you distribute video content on a gushing platform, your capacity to ensure your character is constrained. You can distribute under an alias, course, however that doesn't mean different clients can't follow you. What's more, the organization that controls the platform, (for example, YouTube) knows a considerable measure of distinguishing data about you since it compels you to make a record, can track your area et cetera. The platforms likewise track watchers with a specific end goal to serve them promotions.

The arrangement of Livetalk

Proactive substance: If as previously, the brand totally should rely upon the House to make a radio program is communicated live, now with the innovation live-stream they can completely ace the diversion: now and again, area program content, which isn't controlled by any extraordinary necessities.

Sparing Cost: The advancement of the innovation live-stream has conveyed the program to the watchers with just the base gear prerequisites for (cell phone and web association), it doesn't rely upon the channel itself help the ideal brand are costs specifically to the program.

Increment Effective Iteration: In the period of Social Media blast, cooperations wind up essential exercises for all media content, regardless of whether made specifically by live-stream just builds mindfulness about the program and furthermore made an intuitive channel: associate clients with the brand and message that the brand needs to pass on.

Completely Exploit Content: Same substance, live-stream bolster differing exercises of brand correspondence: associate with fans through KOLs (Celebrity/affect), extending the types of direct communication (hashtag, remark, tag, … ) and in addition stockpiling and simple sharing even after the program closes.

LiveTalk is an ecosystem on the channel directly broadcast live. Combining the popular diffusion channels in the world, creating a living ecosystem of games, EDM events through which transmitters can get rewarded with Token Systems, system users can also receive tokens through tournament and event games.

Livetalk solution
Proactive content: if as before, brands really must rely on the Camera to make radio program broadcasts directly, now with live streaming technology can fully dominate the game: from time to time, content from the location program, which is not directed by special requirements. Cost savings: Direct Streaming technology development has brought the program to viewers only with minimum equipment requirements (smartphones and Internet connections), it does not depend on the television station itself, the best brands are direct costs to the program Increase effective iteration: in the era of social networking explosion , interaction is an indispensable activity for all multimedia content, both directly created by direct transmission, This helps increase awareness about the program and also creates interactive channels: connecting users with the brand and the message the brand wants to convey. Eploit is truly content: the same content, Live Streaming supports various brand communication activities: connect with fans through KOLs (Celebrities / impact), expand forms of direct interaction (hashtags, comments, tags, ...) and easy storage and exchange even after the program ends. Combined with cryptographic currencies: Help for users who pay easily on the platform, high transparency because it is not through third parties. LVT Tokens are the same content, Live Streaming supports various brand communication activities: connecting with fans through KOLs (Celebrities / impacts), expanding forms of direct interaction (hashtags, comments, tags, ...) plus storage and easy exchange even after the program ends. Combined with crypto currencies: Help users easily pay on the platform, high transparency because it is not through third parties. LVT marks the same content, Live Streaming supports a variety of brand communication activities: connecting with fans through KOLs (Celebrities / impact), extending forms of direct interaction (hashtags, comments, tags, ...) plus storage and easy exchange even after the program ends. Combined with crypto currencies: Help users easily pay on the platform, high transparency because it is not through third parties. LVT sign Help for users who pay easily on the platform, high transparency because it is not through third parties.

LVT Tokens are ERC20 Standard Tokens implemented in Ethereum networks. Pre-determined, with limited inventory, easy integration with floors and traditional hierarchies.
From its supply in 5 billion units and will not be separated. No more tokens to be exploited or released in the future.
In the release version of the LiveTalk Network platform, the cryptocurrency token is LVT which allows free transaction fees in the current LiveTalk network.
TokenLVT functions as a single payment platform for Livetalk.
Users use LVT tokens to pay for content sold by broadcasters, used to donate to broadcasters or to buy virtual goods on LiveTalk to donate to broadcasters.
Advertising companies will use LVT to pay broadcasters when they want to promote their products to viewers.
The LiveTalk network is a complete economic market. Because more and more users join the LiveTalk LVT network token value. LVT tokens can also be used as a mechanism for sending values ​​between users on the platform.
Broadcasters visualize the price of the product they want to receive from the recipient.
Direct transmission or video (for example, 10 LVT Tokens to watch your live broadcast or 30 LVT to watch your video), select a case.
Delivery of transferred tokens (for example, 5 LVT tokens per hour) and cellular charges in smart contracts act as collateral.

ICO Token: September 24 2018 - November 15 2018
LVT symbol token
Type ERC20
Price of LVT 1 ICO Token = 0.007 USD
3,000,000 US dollars from soft cover (strict limit of US $ 18 million)
Total token 5 000 000 000
White listing NO
Customer Identification (KYC) Yes
Armenia and China cannot be ignored.

You can also help project Google search for gift articles, which makes the legendary wapinter. Distribution is 3.5% and is distributed as follows:

10% Subscription and BitcoinTalk Cheating Campaign
5% Pre-Bounty Bounty
10% Ann's translation and evaluation and technical description
10% Blog and Bounty articles
40% Twitter + Facebook (Twitter 20%, Facebook 20%)
15% generosity Youtube
10% Reserved


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