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Neironix is one of the few independent international analytical agency carrying out the investment risk as well as the evaluation of the blockchain economics. Neironix implements a rating system for different cryptocurrencies. Under their rating system, the ratings are automatically given up in the mathematical scoring results and the neuron networks. Neironix is also the first developer of global methodology for the risks and benefits involved in blockchain investments. The rating methodology used by Neironix is primarily based upon the principles of international risk management standard ISO3000:2018(E). They also incorporate leading specialists in the risk management that are accredited with G31000 which is a renowned international organization itself.


Neironix is ​​the first independent international rating agency to assess investment risk in the blockchain economy. Notations are automatically assigned to projects based on the results of mathematical calculations, neural networks and multidimensional analysis of large amounts of data. The platform is designed for risk analysis and risk management, which is characteristic of projects involving investments in projects with a high degree of uncertainty.

Neironix, as a global financial analyzer for the cryptocurrency markets, allows you to collect and categorize aggregated risk factor information that is interpreted for later use of the rating for ICO and blockchain projects.
About token selling

In order to generate extra revenue and attract investors, Neironix sells tokens. Neironix issues their own utility token, NRX, on Ethereum blockchain platform ERC20 standard. NRX is the abbreviated notation used for Neitorix tokens. The issued tokens are used by the buyers inside the Neironix ecosystem as a payment medium. The sales for the NRX started in September and will end on November 30th this year. In order to attract investors better and get sales high in the early days, a bonus program is also set up.

People buying tokens in the first month get 35% bonus, the ones in the second month gets 15% and the ones in the last month gets 5% bonus. The sales are performed through Ethereum smart contract. It must be noted that the NRX tokens are a liquid asset and their values will fluctuate over time.

When a cryptocurrency startup firm wishes to raise money through a First Coin Offering (ICO), it typically produces a strategy on a whitepaper which states what the job is all about, what need(s) the project will meet upon completion, how much cash is required to undertake the venture, how much of this digital tokens the leaders of this job will keep for themselves, which sort of money is approved, and the length of time the ICO campaign will run for. Throughout the ICO campaign, fans and fans of the firm's initiative purchase some of the dispersed crypto coins with fiat or digital currency. There are often reports in the media about customers investing in ICOs with cash meant for later, or even with considerable amounts of borrowed money. They are afraid to miss the boat and expect that the purchase price of the tokens will rise as explosively as the purchase price of Bitcoin. The promise of high yields can, however, make investors blind to the severe dangers associated with ICOs. The cross-border character of blockchain technology means that private investors around the globe have the ability to take part in an ICO. At precisely the same time, the anonymous and cross-border character of blockchain technology enables advanced forms of a conventional pyramid scheme that is hard to recognize. New arrivals may be attracted to the market by its chances, but they are also repelled by its own uncertainties and risks. This problem is compounded by the large volume and complexity of ICO and cryptocurrency market information, which many prospective investors struggle to parse. There are lots of popular tools that assist their users in making sense of their crypto industry, there's always a room for improvement. Neironix expects to elevate crypto industry information to a different level with the assistance of extensive data collection and neural network-assisted analysis. To fix this problem Neironix rating agency was made. Even though it focuses on analyzing ICOs, in addition, it intends to provide more general information about the current market, covering individual cryptocurrencies, events and exchanges.

The project Neironix intends to simplify the choice of rewarding ICO-projects for investors and protect investors from scam-ICO. Neironix delivers a comprehensive solution for many players of cryptocurrencies marketplace. Neironix it's the first independent global rating Agency to evaluate investment risks in the blockchain market. Tests on this platform are assigned to various projects automatically depending on the results of mathematical scoring, neural networks and multidimensional evaluation of a great deal of data. Neironix is your first digital block-chain based evaluation agency for assessing risk where evaluation will be assigned automatically on the foundation of mathematical results, neuron network and assessment of large bulk data. It's made for assessing the risk of jobs that deal with higher uncertainty. Their job is to become world no 1 electronic rating agency that offers cryptocurrency related investment plans. Their team comprises advisors that are specialist in the electronic risk management system.

The historical listing will be the primary advantage users get. At the moment, Neironix already contains the analytic database that has been accumulated. Neironix built a database that's regarded as most profound one that is addressing the cryptocurrency projects also blockchain market's financial details. Neironix methodology is open and transparent to users, and everybody is permitted to access their critical data which will build confidence and make it simple for users to take a decision. Their mobile platform program for Android and IOS users and also for the desktop they've produced a chrome extension.

Neironix is planning to receive the patent of global copyright for their distinctive methodology they've developed. Soon, they will communicate their approach to interested parties and market regulators. Neironix platform enables classification and accumulation of aggregate data to risk factors which are going to be translated and used for scoring for blockchain jobs and ICO. Why is it essential to create the Neironix ratings? The main principle is to lower experts' judgments share and to increase the function of methodological and algorithmic constituent components. Neironix's method enables users to identify factors which are affecting investment stability and reliability of the first coin offering project.

Neironix is one of the finest blockchain market analyst that exists. If you are an investor in the any of the cryptocurrency or is looking forward to making an investment in this sector and is confused over the ongoing market condition, then Neironix is your one-stop solution. The transactions made in the Neironix ecosystem are secured and confidential. They also have a token system in order to generate extra revenue as well as to attract long term investors. The services offered by Neironix are top notch and the rating system makes it easier for the investors to visually analyze the cryptocurrency market.
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