Hi Steemit Friends!

I know some of my friends take part in bounties and collect crypto, so in this post I would like to advise you particular campaign which started this week and in which I’m also taking part.
I took part in many bounties myself, first of all with the goal to analyze how this new world and new market functions. I will share this information in many other posts, but what I need to say now is that REMME’s campaign is definitely worth to take a look at. Also I need to say that I'm a small investor in REMME myself, so when project succeeds I will also benefit and participation in this campaign might be a small bonus for me and all my readers too.

REMME is cybersecurity project which goal is to make passwords obsolete by eliminating the human factor from the authentication process. REMME collected $20mln.+ in pre-sale and tokensale (the latter happened this February). I’ll be writing more articles about REMME’s project and technology, and here I will focus on their Ambassador campaign.

You all know the phrase that “90% of ICO is scam”. Even though I don’t agree with this phrase which many speakers repeat all the time, some ICOs are definitely scam and others just fail, so their token either not released at all or costs nothing. So if you take part in their bounty – you earnings are 0. Here REMME is already established token, which you can see on Coinmarketcap and the only thing you risk is that your earning might be a bit lower. But they can be several times higher and let’s hope for this option.

The Central place of Ambassadors Campaign is this Thread on Bitcointalk
And Telegram group where you can put all your questions is:

REMME Ambassador Campaign, which will last 6 weeks from May 07, 2018 till June 18, 2018.

The Budget of Campaign is $170 000 (in REM tokens) and the allocation is Following:

So there are 6 categories:

  1. Signature campaign
  2. Reddit
  3. Youtube
  4. Steemit
  5. Creative ideas campaign
  6. LinkedIn

The conditions of participation might look strict, but they were even stricter in the beginning. If you have time and interest – I hope you will be able to join at least some of the direction. So let’s take a detailed view:

Signature campaign

26% - Signature: 2 250 000 REM

Full member - 8300 REM per week
Senior member - 11 150 REM per week
Hero member - 16 750 REM per week
Legendary member - 18 330 REM per week

Throughout the campaign, you must WEEKLY distribute only 15 posts. Of them
at least 10 posts in alternative thread,
at least 3 post in ANN thread and
at least 2 posts about REMME

So Full member will receive $132 a week (calculation was done on May 13, 2018, day of publication of this post)
And Legendary member will receive almost $300
Please keep in mind that these numbers might be way higher when you read these lines.

Also 15 posts a week is not big amount, some bounties have requirement of 30 and more posts. For example sometimes I write even more posts a day.


14% - You Tube: 1 190 000 REM

10 000 REM - high quality
30 000 REM - super video
rejected - low quality

The key condition: number of subscribers should be at least 600
The number of views is at least 500 by the end of the campaign


24% - Reddit: 2 000 000 REM

300 REM/post - 10 upvotes
600 REM/post - 20 upvotes
1200/post - 50 upvotes

120 REM/comments - 20 upvotes
240 REM/comments - 40 upvotes.

Bonus: + 25% if your publication has more than 50 upvotes.

Obligatory conditions for participation:

  • Subscribe to
  • Amount link/post karma from 100, comment karma - 100
  • Minimum 3 posts from 200 characters and at least 4 comments from 100 characters in alternative sub-reddits.
  • At least 3 comments from 100 characters per week in /r/remme/
  • Articles and posts high quality only accepted
  • Comments with negative trust are not accepted
  • The age of the account is at least 30 days
  • For the publication to be counted, it should be published in one of the following sub-credits or
    subreddits related to crypto-currencies: r / bitcoin, r / ethereum, r / ethtrader, r /
    icocrypto, r / cryptocurrency, r / btc , r / altcoin , r / CryptoMarkets


15% - Steemit: 1 250 000 REM

10 000 REM - high quality

Obligatory conditions for participation:

  • Rank from 30
  • Articles only high quality
  • Number of words from 600

Bonus: We guarantee +25% bonus if your article is in the top of the selected categories and stayed for a day

Creative ideas campaign

12% - Creative Ideas Campaign: 1 000 000 REM

17 500 REM for high quality performing tasks

Obligatory conditions for participation:

  • The essence of this category is to involve a community in REMME project life
  • We recommend you to show maximum creativity in the performance of tasks
  • Competition for the best video on the application of REMME’s application in the life of
    network users
  • Creating content on your own sites, but including those resources that are traced on
  • Recording opinion-based content on the above topics in personal blogs with a large number
    of subscribers. For clarification of
    details, please contact us by email or direct message to our admins
  • Creation and placement of banners on site resources and other graphic design proposals
  • We welcome the publication of ideas and proposals for improvement
  • If you have your own telegram channel with strong crypto community (>1,000 members) we
    will be glad to consider your
    proposal. Please, don't hesitate to contact us


9% - LinkedIn: 750 000 REM

7500 REM - high quality

Obligatory conditions for participation:

  • Number of subscribers from 500
  • Number of words from 600
  • For each participant, a mandatory condition is to have a history of writing articles on crypto
    topics and/or cyber security
  • Posts must be published exclusively on profile accounts, for example, blockchain, cyber /
    information security

So as for me I'm taking part in Steemit campaign!
What about you?
Good luck!

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