Arround: Universal Decentralized Augmented Reality Platform

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the newest innovations that can revolutionize our technological sector. Already some changes plan on how we can advertise using AR. Many ventures have taken notice of the potential AR has over virtual reality and are now working on how it can be of use in the blockchain technology.
The latest revolution is the use of blockchain technology to feature in advertising through AR. ARROUND is a blockchain that plans to take the real world into a whole new sphere by using blockchain technology to promote advertisers and developers through the computer-generated imagery.
ARROUND is a communication and entertainment platform in augmented reality. The platform has an infrastructure with a distributed registry on blockchain and can be used for the development and sale of services, advertising, information, and products based on decentralized crypto-economics.
ARROUND uses blockchain and augmented reality to build an ecosystem consisting of four integrated elements: a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR map that will create a backbone for AR projects around the world.
As a breakthrough communication and advertising platform ARROUND will accommodate several profiles of people. That will include miners, users, application developers, advertisers, developers, and agency.
Each character will receive an enabling platform to showcase their products throughout the augmented reality devices while users will act as an audience for the users. The personalized world will serve as an advertising channel, sales platform and a market for the advertiser's software and hardware products.
ARROUND product has following features:
Camera, used for discovering “rounds” — augmented reality objects which have a geo tag or which are tagged to the user’s smartphone. For example, promo campaigns, channels of bloggers, chat rooms, and AR shops for selling real and virtual goods and services. Also, each user can control the visibility of their AR status to other users and can customize their own AR persona.
Newsfeed with news from rounds to which the user has subscribed.
Map: navigation with tips where to find new rounds. Each user will also have the option to display their location on the map so that other users can add her to their AR Newsfeed and browse her public rounds.
ARROUND has several advantages it can offer depending on the category of the user. Here's a look at how it can be of use to different people:
For Users
For ARROUND members the unique platform can be an excellent form of communication and entertainment platform made in augmented reality. The infrastructure incorporation of blockchain technology is designed for the sales of services, information and advertising feature through the decentralized economy.
For Advertisers
While online advertising might prove to be a challenge, advertisers can take advantage of the augmented reality and form a platform to showcase their products. That comes in handy in utilizing the blockchain technology for a new mobile advertising channel where an advertiser can showcase their unique products without the need for an intermediary.
For Developers
ARROUND is also an innovative platform and can benefit upcoming developers through their partnership network. The field of AR is evolving and partnering with developers is an opportunity to have a collaborative effort in coming up with new advertising channels that can have unique characteristics.
ARR token will be used when making all purchases of digital goods and services in the ecosystem. The first users of the ARR platform will be token buyers at the Token Sale, after that any interested person can buy ARR tokens on an exchange to use the platform. The ARR token will be released on the ERC20 smart contract standart on the Ethereum blockchain and will also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, ARR tokens can be used to motivate users to view advertising and marketing campaigns, plus provide an incentive for users to map their environment, therefore contributing to the creation of an augmented reality backbone network. Usage of the backbone can be provided to third parties through payment in ARR tokens.
Token info
Token: ARR
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 ARR
Website: VISIT
Investment info
Tokens for sale: 1,450,000,000
Price in ICO: 1 ARR = 0,035 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Token Distribution
For more information, you can visit the following links:
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1957113

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