EndChain ICO (ENCN Token):

What Is EndChain?
EndChain is a decentralized platform utilising open protocols and utilities with the purpose of disrupting the logistics industry whilst connecting transportation companies, producers, forwarders, and other applicable events through transparent, simplified transactions. The result of this will be a seamless trade of items in a tightly closed and traceable manner.

EndChain emphasizes on the entire logistics chain process. That is, from the manufacturer, to the business, to retailers up to the consumers. This will enable EndChain to grow to be a blockchain solution that is convenient to use and understand for all the gamers inside the grant chain.

By addressing the wishes of the logistics enterprise during the production process, EndChain will improve the general ride and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain.
The Platform makes use of the QR code EndChain:
It is remarkable, which consists of a standardized identification in QR code. This format makes it simple to utilize on the grounds that EndChain purchasers recognize how to test just the code discovered on the bundling. Different agencies that rely on out of date standardized identification innovation can filter the coordinated scanner tag. So the QR code EndChains makes an exceptional code to work with every variety of platform. Another favored standpoint is that a code can refresh each the blockchain and all inner heritage frameworks with a solitary sweep. The objective is to limit multifaceted nature and increment productivity.

What problem does EndChain solve? (or: what human need does it satisfy?) and how exactly does it do so?
Existing logistics organizations and producers see the benefit in blockchain tracking, but are hesitant to revamp multi-million dollar systems. EndChain allows corporations to effortlessly extract each the everyday barcode information and the item-specific blockchain QR code statistics at the equal time. As EndChain's application will be jogging in the background of existing systems, our mixture code will be easily recognized by our software and the generic records will be entered into legacy systems for typical logistics and manufacturers. Simultaneously, the blockchain will be up to date with the item-specific blockchain data.

How is the thought monetized? How do the token holders profit?
EndChain has multiple ways to be monetized: via corporations buying our patent-pending QR and barcode combinations, massive information and smart contracts. To make certain that token holders will profit, 2-4% of all transactions will go to burning tokens. As the number of tokens decreases, the cost of these remaining will increase.

Highlights of Endchain
All information associated with gadgets on EndChain is written to the blockchain. This approves users to view the history of objects, however, cannot trade or delete any data, thereby minimizing employee mistakes whilst protecting the privateness of consumers.

Direct connection
EndChain has an encrypted verbal exchange system that allows all verbal exchange in production and transport. The lines of conversation are secure, as solely the members have got admission to it.

Physical security
EndChain reduces the theft instances in the supply chain method by way of marking all stolen objects in the system. This lets in it to become aware of and rapidly detect theft in the manufacturing and transport process.

Smart contract
This platform will put in force smart contracts with the provide chain, make sure transparency and compliance with all events worried in the process, and make sure the validity of digitized files in the furnish chain. the response.

EndChain Mission
EndChain aims to cover each sector of the supply chain, including the second-hand market. Our product will be affordable, allowing even everyday goods to be tracked on the blockchain. Additional functions for communications among the supply chain & allowing to set up subchains further enhances the relevance of the product for the supply chain.

EndChain Economics
A token needs a thriving marketplace to be successful. Tokens that are not being utilized serve no purpose to investors. Additionally, tokens that do not have a consistent stream of buyers creates unstable prices. This is why EndChain has focused on ensuring a lively market by engaging companies to purchase EndChain tokens. By using our tokens, companies can receive a discount on our QR codes, big data and smart contracts.
Who is interested in EndChain
EndChain provides a whole and most economical logistics bundle that benefits all parties of the supply chain. While most utility tokens focal point on excessive end goods, EndChain focuses on the low to center market, an location that has been overlooked for too long. EndChain is able to enter this market due to the ease and low fee of system compared to different utility tokens which focal point on costly NFC chips or guide entry.

How does this assist EndChain buyers
With a giant base of achievable customers, EndChain can without delay get to work promoting product. 2-4% of the income generated from income will be dedicated to burning EndChain tokens. This will help decrease the quantity of EndChain tokens in the long term; therefore growing the price. As most organizations want to graph beforehand and budget, they are probable to purchase and preserve an quantity of EndChain tokens. This will create robust aid for the EndChain market.

Self-correcting System
Should the market for EndChain be depressed, greater tokens will be needed to pay for every order. When more tokens are used, extra will be burned; therefore using the fee up till equilibrium is reached. As a result, its safer to maintain EndChain for a long length of time as there are protections in opposition to price decreases. Thus, EndChain will have a self-correcting gadget which lets in for a stable economy.

EndChain ENCN Token ICO Details

Token: ENCN
Token Sale Date: December 1st, 2018 – January 15th, 2019
Token Price: USD 0.16 – USD 0.24
Soft Cap: USD 4 Million Or 23,219,944 EndChain Tokens
Hard Cap: USD 15 Million Or 74,567,312 EndChain Tokes
Bitcointalk Profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1957113

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