Humancoin: Revolutionary brings synergy from Industrial Philanthropy, retail e-commerce markets and Cryptocurrency

It has been found that a large number of people on the streets leave their change and even make impulsive donations to charity on a regular basis.

Charity - this is what people do on a regular basis, but the most amazing thing is that the advancement of technology has not been fully applied to the charitable organization, the only exception being the role that monasteries spend two hundred years ago, and this process is now being adopted by foundations.

The related p2p online platform and intrusion blockchain technologies are helping to solve the big problems in the industry and provide a strong impetus for further development.

Here are some of the ways in which blockchain platform can offer support.

The lenders can monitor the transactions to make sure their money is spent properly as it was intended.
Charities can also demonstrate honesty and clearly show how they use the funds provided.
The payment system is simplified and the problems with the conversion of the cryptocurrency are solved.
Transaction costs can be reduced by automating all processes.

Undoubtedly, there is a great deal of development in the nature of the donation, but even for this purpose, the nonprofit department was unable to overcome its main obstacle, the lack of trust.

Donors, mostly private companies, face the problem of trust and sacrifice this because there is no way to confirm that the fund is leaving on time.
It has also been noted that most of the donated funds are held as administrative costs, which are typically used for charitable foundations.
Operating costs are also a major concern as most individuals and businesses must ultimately use their good intentions to cover transaction costs for the transaction.

A long-term charity chain of banks, NGOs, government agencies and law firms will be added to the distributed book technology. The use of the blockchain platform may provide a digital mechanism used to record and display transactions.
This new technology on a larger scale will also facilitate the development of direct financing platforms. Philanthropists also benefit greatly from automated intellectual contracts, as this allows fellows to use their funds after successfully managing so many conditions.
The growth of the nonprofit industry is significantly increased due to the great benefits that blockchain technology can offer.

There are various blockbuster projects in the charitable field, including, help, cleaning, charity etc. These projects are only in niches or local projects that do not work outside the philanthropic industry.
The Humancoin Foundation is able to integrate the non-profit industry, the crypto-currency market and e-commerce into one project.

This type of ecosystem will give donors new incentives and opportunities for them to benefit from the many available loyalty programs around the world.

The conversion of Humancoin tokens can be easily converted into points, miles, bonuses and coupons. Owners of these tokens are encouraged to keep tokens for a long time, there will be a steady demand for a token.
The brand's popularity will grow with the number of partners and the amount of collaboration in the Humancoin network.
Affordable evidence of charity, which is mining, will scale projects hundreds and thousands of times.

It will be the first blocklink ever to become an aggregator of the global ecommerce loyalty program.
The character has a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs, with partners generating strong emotional resonance due to their affiliation with philanthropy.

Instead of competing with other existing programs, the Humancoin token is easily integrated into an existing system, requiring only a set conversion rate.
The most significant destructive benefit of a human coin is that the project blockchain has its first project with the potential to become a global aggregator of the many loyalty programs that will emerge in the field of e-commerce, due to the support of the non-profit industry.

Some advantages of HUMANCINE
Humancoin becomes an open platform for P2P that allows the benefactor to receive a direct point donation. The project will not be tied to any organization as there are so many charities around the world.
The artificial use of the received token is not compulsory for charitable purposes. Each platform-based project will provide an appropriate specification for the type of Fiat or cryptocurrency it wishes to use.
The most popular crypto and currency pairs can be easily managed by the Humancoin platform. Normally, there are no restrictions on projects and even users when it comes to using currency.
Priority of this project remains the integration and compatibility with existing popular market solutions.
There will be a limited horticultural fee of 5% to raise money and this will be used for future platform support, but the commission charged by existing charitable funds may be up to 20-30%.
The platform can use the function of the most functional and user-friendly interface.
If the donor wants, he may decide to leave his funds in the pool of people, the system will automatically allocate money for the projects with the highest rating from the platform community.
The first recruitment professionals platform will be Humancoin.
Additional options are also available on the platform, allowing users to pay for Humancoin tokens. In this case, additional benefits are highlighted.

The names of Humancoin are the ERC20 tokens, they are also lottery loyalty rewards and they are part of the international loyalty program.

The Humancoin icon, which is purchased when the marker is sold, has the value of the Loyalty Prize lottery, which means that it can be used for discounts on Humancoin partners, and it can also be sold to crypto exchanges.

At the end of the sale of the marker, the influenza marker will be offered for sale and may also be half paid or received at the same weighted average price in equal parts of each donation.

This is an existing P2P platform and ecosystem that involves donors, recipients and e-commerce stakeholders.

The interface of this platform allows participants to quickly donate to any country with a popular currency that allows them to track transactions and create charity projects.
The Humancoin platform has been specifically designed to facilitate the interaction process, and will largely be between philanthropists and beneficiaries.

Pre-sale will take place from 1 July to 15 August 2018.

The sale of tokens will take place from 15 September to 1 November 2018.
The token is expected to grow at $ 1 per minute.
Softcap will be $ 6 a minute.
Hardcap will be $ 26 per minute.
The available token for sale is 3 055 000 000. The
Advance sale will be 150 000 000 with a 50% bonus.

In the first phase of the sale of the token will be 945 000 000 with a bonus of 35%.
The second stage for the sale of chips will be 960 000 000 and he will have 20% of the bonus.
The third stage for the sale of tokens will be 1,000,000,000 with a 0% bonus.
Any other token that is left unsold will be burned.
Tokens are assigned to a personal user account and distribution occurs after the token is sold, and it appears in the list of popular crypto-wards.


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