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LUCRE - an exclusive automated trading system for Cryptocurrency

The LUCRE project developed an automated trading-algo system that uses historical statistical data over the past 5 years (for example BTC vs. USD). This makes it possible to trade bots to execute trading crypro using user-programmed scripts and can be automatically executed via a computer.

The great attraction of this project lies in the ability to generate income in all market conditions, to buy and sell at every opportunity that is felt. Even when the market is heading south, the algorithm tries to make a profit by shortening it.

Lucre Trading Algo will work on the Metatrader trading platform. Participants who sell tokens will receive an LCR token that will monitor Algo's performance. Prices will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of Crypto's principal assets traded by Algo. A participant can exchange on an exchange that will register an LCR token.

What is LUCRE?

LUCRE - this is the same software platform that will allow you to profit from trading automatically!

With a down payment, you will receive an LCR token with premium membership and limited access to services. When you have this chip, you can make money by combining the different options described below. Tokens can also be sold to other participants. With LUCRE, Token traders do not need to contribute additional funds because they can benefit from initial participation with the benefits of the algorithm. At the same time, participants can use their funds to make additional transactions on LUCRE trading signals. So you can increase your profitability. You can choose one of the following options or combine them to optimize your income.

Join during the event for chip sales to get a percentage of profit, comparable to the initial contribution, made by the algorithm in the Trade Pool.

Use signals to trade: You will receive a SELL BUY signal for the currency, which you can use to negotiate manually with your broker.

Use the Autotrading LATER service. Users can use a portion of their Fiat funds with the AutThe only chance to buy tokens after LUCRE sales will be an exchange with the Token sales participants. If Algo succeeds, it will increase interest in purchases and, as a result, cause higher prices for LCR tokensotrade algorithm, with all benefits directly transferred to participants.

The only chance to buy tokens after LUCRE sales will be an exchange with the Token sales participants. If Algo succeeds, it will increase interest in purchases and, as a result, cause higher prices for LCR tokens
Participants who apply for an LCR token must get a white list (KYC / AML). After confirmation is received for the whitelisted participants, participants are asked to deposit funds (ie ETH) to the public address of the LUCRE token sales event. Once the funds are received, the LUCRE smart contract will automatically transfer the LCR token to the participant's wallet.

For each trade run by the LUCRE Algo system, a trading signal will be sent to each participant who has contributed more than 1 ETH during the Token sale. These signals can be used in the Metatrader terminal offered by CFD (Derivatives - 'Contract For Difference') crypto brokers. In the future, these signals will also be available for crypto exchanges.

LUCRE is an exclusive platform, because participants with access to algorithmic signals and autorouting are limited, and this exclusivity is controlled by the number of tokens. If you want to receive signals or use Autotrading, and you do not participate in the Token sales event, you must buy tokens from the original participants.


The deposit will immediately be converted into US dollars after the completion of the Token sale and transferred to the trading account Derivative, where the offer will be executed. Derivative holding is not safe. LUCRE Trading is 100% automatic. A complete list of used brokers will be available on our website when trading starts. During the inspection, additional exchanges will be added.


The LUCRE team will invest significant time and effort in marketing Tok Token marketing, which is focused on participants in the traditional financial sector, by producing information sheets, explanatory videos and easy-to-understand planning documents. LUCRE will focus its marketing efforts exclusively on unregulated markets. No encouragement or invitation will be held where participation is prohibited or is likely to be prohibited in the near future to continue to comply with local laws.

The LCR Token will be a utility token used on lucre ecosystem. The LUCRE platform will be hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and the LCR token will become an ERC-20 compliant token.

Symbol - LCR
Soft cap - $ 2.0 million
Hard cap - $ 7.0 million or 10 million LCR (whichever happens earlier)
Maximum Token Supply - 12.5 million LCR (Total supply of tokens set)
Number of Tokens Available for Sale - 10 million LCR (i.e. 80% of the token supply)
Payment Method - ETH
Token Standard - ERC-20
Minimum Token Sales Contribution - 0.1 ETH

A. Pre-Sales Stage - Start Date - 15 Oct '18 ||| End Date - Nov 13 '18
B1. Main Sales Phase 1 - Start Date - November 14 '18 ||| End Date - Nov 20 '18 ||| Discount Price @ 20%
B2. Main Sales Phase 2 - Start Date - 21 November '18 ||| End Date - 27 Nov '18 ||| Discount Price @ 15%
B3. Main Sales Phase 3 - Start Date - 28 November '18 ||| End Date - Dec 04 '18 ||| Discount Price @ 10%
B4. Main Sales Phase 4 - Start Date - 05th Dec '18 ||| Price discount @ 0%


December 31, 2017. Company

FX Trading trading itself is established.

The first trade transaction, Algo, was created for major currency pairs.

Forex trading is open to clients.

Initial research and development for cryptotermines

30 June 2018

Develop Smart Contracts,

End the Smart Contract, and develop a dashboard.

September 30, 2018

Member "white list"; Launch Bounty;

December 31, 2018 Launch of Genesis

Token Presale

LCR Token Sale

June 30 2019

Public launch on the exchange

The final increase in Algo trading

December 31, 2019

Launch of the autotrace (beta) service

March 31, 2020

Final release

Detailed information:

Website: Book



Twitter: https: //




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