Proactive and Preventive Healthcare System with NanoHealthCare

The health system is very critical for the wellbeing and economy of any nation. For many healthcare intervention programs, it is usually necessary to find the best means by which limited available funds could be effectively utilized to provide quality healthcare by reducing the number of readmissions
Most healthcare solutions focus on treating patients after their health have been compromised. Few prioritise the need for educating them about how their lifestyles could affect their health and how they can live healthy lives. In most treatments programs, adequate follow-up of patients stops after they are discharged from the hospital. Many people die early because they suffer from noncommunicable diseases such as pulmonary diseases, diabetes, etc whose episode can happen at any time without prior knowledge. Many do not even know that they have these challenges because they do not have symptoms that are noticeable.
According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease and cancer, stroke and other noncommunicable diseases are the leading causes of deaths in the US. This trend is also the same for other nations and territories. Hospitals do not followup their patients after treatment either because they do not have a concrete program that addresses this or they do not have the required staff. There is clearly a need for a proactive approach in healthcare whereby patients are adequately supported throughout the stages of their diseases, such that the effects of their sicknesses can be mitigated to a large extent.

NanoHealthCare Solution
The challenge outlined above can be solved using machine learning. Machine learning has consistently offered solutions to otherwise tough problems using available data. Also, the capabilities of the blockchain technology has made it very easy to validate claims to ensure authenticity. NanoHealthCare will harmonize these two domains to provide solutions to the current challenges in the healthcare sector.

It has been proven that patients respond well to personalized treatments (Reference this). Health coaches and other professionals offer patients the support they need throughout the stage of their sickness. (Give examples of this). NCHT will employ health coaches (doctors and medical practitioners) that will access the health conditions of patients based on some diagnostics criteria. Their reports can then be used to develop a continuous treatment plan. This report can be forwarded to specialists and other medical facilities seamlessly through a platform that connects a pool of healthcare professionals. And then, the patients are will be given the care and attention they need.
Patients will be able to access the NanoHealthCare app which will offer tailored recommendations on the best activities for patients health such as exercise, diet, rest and others by analyzing various parameters using artificial intelligence. Healthcare providers can use this means to reach out to the patients and continue to interact with them beyond the walls of the hospital.

Why NCHT is sure that this will work.
NanoHealthCare has successfully executed this project in Telangana, India to measure, track and recommend a treatment plan to specific cases of noncommunicable diseases. The team has improved their system to accommodate with changing factors to produce a comprehensive plan (For more details, check their whitepaper).

Information about Token Sale
The private sale will is ongoing. Information on how to participate is given on their website. The tokenomics is described below.
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