Most of the human persons are now accustomed to talking through dialogue via Internet resources, messengers who are free or have a low price distribution policy for transmitting information. Practically all of them have centralized servers and can use your communication data for their own selfish purposes: selling to other formations, advertising intermediaries.
Few people really are really worried about protecting their native information with information, until they lose it with the help of their own social media passwords, bank accounts, and personal mail distribution. Then they begin to take his head and find more reliable ways to communicate and save individual data.

Social networks are centralized and do not provide you with guarantees for the security of reliable storage of information, they can easily be assaulted by hackers of computers. Many people create chat rooms in instant messengers, such as Whatsapp, exchange data, in the settings they can be automatically loaded into the Google Cluster clouds, forgetting to close access to it and thus reveal the communication data of the community.

Undoubtedly, of course, these updates brought comfort, cheapness in conversation, but do not provide adequate protection for human data and, most likely, are not going to do it in order to make a profit of billions of dollars. And in order to ensure the confidentiality of the conversation is satisfied, information is transmitted through Inet is implemented according to the SECURYPTO software plan.
SECURYPTO is a software calculation based on blockchain and masternodes technology that allows you to save data in perfect anonymity by weight and encrypt it, thereby allowing users to use the likelihood of conducting a dialogue in person, monetizing content creation through the world wide web.

This sudden thought will be realized and marketing thanks expressing the developed software DigiSafeGuard, which is the physiological storage of individual data, a wallet for cryptocurrency payments, anonymous mailing behavior, encryption of each communication data, auxiliary communication data about the technology can be found at the very same https link: //

Securypto Blockchain, in this way the image increases privacy and can protect your communication in the traditionally accepted messengers with protection, the user can create their own keys and share them with others. In order to apply such platform benefits, you inevitably need to have a personal digital token SCU, now you can participate in their personal sale through the form on the website.
Open implementation will begin on January 1, 2019, and will continue until the 18th of the first spring month of 2019. This software can simply do the work with popular and recognizable operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, iOS and android, and perhaps by access for everyone. Fans of drawing, bloggers, leading favorites of popular news get an excellent opportunity to get personal content without filtering and restrictive restraint of censorship, for almost any type or use they are immediately rewarded with tokens.

Securypto is aimed not only at admirers and true human individuals familiar with cryptocurrency payment rates, but also at those who want to protect their individual data on the Internet, let them into the implementation, which gives good future hope and growth in the number of users of this software . This affects the increase in the value of the token, respectively.

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