V-ID - Let's end document fraud with Blockchain Powered Validation - review ICO

Almost every citizen faces the daily need to transfer, store documents, personal information information through various paper and digital owners in himself, while using a significant number of centralized services that can be cracked open by computer burglars for the purpose of all kinds of forgery and falsification of the news material with selfish intentions.

With the process of shaping progress, society decides to take small steps to digitize native data, but when using servers that are available for hacking and storage security, it is very important to drop everything that is probable. Copying files is a very common operation, but with a careless attitude toward the defense of their dispersal carrying carrying great losses financially.

At present, the usual phenomenon is, for example, the implementation of fake diplomas of colleges, institutes, courses of mastery by profession, the transformation of a report with incorrect figures, the issuance of false information or honey. documentary archives. This situation causes losses of several billion. bucks and loss of time when searching for the initial real information information.

And the solution of these shortcomings is proposed by a principal project under the title V-ID.

The VID forms a decentralized site for storing a variety of confirmation formats with documents in digital form for early viewing for benchmarking by many interested agencies without third parties using blockchain technology. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of authentication, the authenticity of certificates and other information information in a matter of seconds.
This idea was developed by the well-known company WIDIDI, which has been working since 2008 and created the product M16, which is software for client bases. The main direction is safe communication and communication. With the help of the VID platform, they put ahead of themselves the assigned function more rational and safe use of data of natural human beings and formations to help them in elementary and convenient storage, eliminating paper carriers.

This launch will give you the likelihood of executing to verify virtually any communication data and to argue and persuade your credentials for it, starting with certificates, licensing permits for products and ending with photos and a video. The owner gives access only on his own will, and before this time interval everything is written in the general register of the blockade.

To achieve their own goals, the team sells tokens with different bonuses, depending on the desired purchase amount. V-ID customers have become well-known organizations that can be seen in the image below.

In my opinion, this site took on a decisive statement really serious and pain intensified the complex tasks of fraud and terrible offenses based on the beliefs of forgery, which can cause people various kinds of damage both in currency terms and in their own way of life. The team consists of experienced experts, and the token-listing is guaranteed to say thanks to Alterdax's program plan.
More information:
➤ Website https://token.v-id.org/?2
➤ Whitepaper https://token.v-id.org/page/v-id-business-white-paper.php
➤ Telegram group https://t.me/vidtoken
➤ Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4918204

Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1957113

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