Neironix Project

Neironix is that the initial freelance international rating agency for investment risk assessment within the block chain economy and is mechanically rated for comes supported mathematical marking results, neural network, three-dimensional analysis of enormous amounts of knowledge . This platform is intended for the analysis of typical risks of comes with investment in extremely unsure comes and for subsequent management. Neironix's mission is to become a world supplier of monetary and analytical data on the crypto-piracy market required to form fastidiously weighted investment selections and build long market ways.

About Neironix

Goal of the project is to develop of world methodology for risk-oriented investment method management in blockchain economic science. The instructed management relies on applied mathematics analysis of huge bulk of information and risk factors.

The rating methodology of Neironix relies on the principles of international risk management normal ISO31000:2018(E), and uses similar risk analysis approaches for each skilled investors and institutional funds happiness to the classic economy. Currently, normal ISO31000:2018(E) is adopted in eighty eight countries with the best gross domestic product level, being a guide for risk management that, among alternative things, suggests variants of risk treatment at numerous stages of exposure to risk.

Neironix Project Team involves leading specialists in risk management commissioned with G31000, a world organization, that may be a international leader within the field of company risk management: The Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis in higher cognitive process acts as Associate in Nursing external authority within the project.

In 2019, the project can acquire a world copyright patent on the developed methodology of risk-oriented investment method management in blockchain economic science. afterward, this technique are communicated to plug regulators and interested parties.


Neironix scheme is predicated on a group of tools – flows of content and knowledge supposed to be used in operations with cryptoassets and choice of ICO comes for investments.

The key audience of Neironix includes personal and skilled investors, moreover as cryptocurrency institutes and ICO comes.

The quantity and completeness of knowledge, moreover because the needed set of choices, ar determined by every individual system user and elite on the idea of their own expertise, risk tolerance (risk appetite), money capability, workload, expedience and potential profit. The distribution of informational and analytical knowledge is performed in compliance with the chosen tariff of subscription fee.

Neironix for personal investors

For private investors, beginners, and alternative players of cryptocurrency investments market, Neironix provides the subsequent forms of analytical data:

Results of ultimate rating, multidimensional marking of ICO projects;
Monitoring and notifications concerning changes in a very specific ICO project rating;
Monitoring on the discharge of key Road Map obligations for every enforced ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in ancient and social media for every enforced ICO project;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Analytics for money markets;
Access to the system of adjusted notifications handling observance of economic analytics.
Neironix for skilled investors

For skilled cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency market specialists and blockchain analysts, Neironix provides the subsequent kinds of analytical data:

Results of ultimate rating, flat grading of ICO projects;
Dynamic chase of risk factors and degree of their impact on the ensuing rating;
Flexible system of watching and notifications concerning deviations from acceptable risk levels with regards to a particular ICO project;
Monitoring on the discharge of key Road Map obligations for every enforced ICO project;
Structured analysis of capital for every ICO project at the stages of Token Sale;
Structured analysis of major token holders for every enforced ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in ancient and social media for every enforced ICO project;
Monitoring of probable Pump and Dump for every enforced ICO project;
Monitoring of calendars for planned and actual token listing;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Indices and multipliers;
Historical knowledge and analytics for money markets;
Market reviews and analytics;
Analytics for ancient and social media;
Structured knowledge for preparation of skilled judgments.
Neironix for ICO

The following Neironix platform practicality is accessible for ICO comes and blockchain startups:

Project management in the slightest degree stages of the project’s lifecycle;
Comparison with different ICO comes, similar in terms of practicality, implementation and idea;
Full listing for ICO preparation;
ICO scoring;
KYC verification of project stakeholders;
ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;
Publication of press releases, reports and project news;
Analytics for token bidding, notifications concerning flow of funds for major token holders;
Analytics for advertizement sources, automatic choice of web sites for placement.
Token Info

Token Symbol: NRX
Token Sale Date: 09/01/18–11/30/18
Token Price: 0,001061571 ETH
Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
Total Supply: 140,000,000 NRX
Token Standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: $1,000,000
Hard Cap: $31,000,000

This project uses the NRX token. The purchase price of advertising and information services on the Neironix platform will be formed taking into account the situation on the cryptocurrency market. Payment for advertising services will be accepted only in NRX tokens.





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