V-ID ICO Review - The Blockchain Powered Validation Document

What is V-ID Platform?
V-ID is the best Blockchain Powered Validation Platform candidate to be the de-facto standard solution for document fraud.With the blockchain system developed from the V-ID platform, it provides services that use general and trusted principles to enable validation and verification for any digital file to be safe and can be known by any publisher. because blockchain is not changed and transparent in the progress of the platform.The issuing organization/publisher can register any file through the V-ID Platform verification process. It can take into account the authenticity of the document in a few seconds very useful in falsehood whether it is genuine or not and also for verification does not require a fee. The V-ID platform does not store copies of files examined and therefore easily meets the recommendations of Data Protection (GDPR). very different compared to the regular WIDIDI large-scale project, V-ID is a unique service with a structured and scalable concept.The V-ID platform will continue to grow Over the next 3 years, V-ID will turn into a market leader in the crypto world in fraud file protection, as well as SSL for secure and environmentally friendly internet connections. V-ID Utility Token offer concrete added value in identifying the issuing organization, store digital fingerprints in a smart contract and payment processing to validate.
Problem & Solution
Users are very easily fooled in the crypto world or with digital files which are one weakness that must be corrected.The V-ID platform provides solutions in the form of services using blockchain technology to make fraud with digital files impossible. V-users can be divided into two groups: maker and recipient. After the register file is created on V-ID, the recipient can verify the authenticity of this file.
Verification V-ID
The V-ID platform allows the recipient of the file to verify the authenticity and contents of the file by entering it in the verification terminal at https://www.v-id.org. After checking the file, V-ID creates a scan report. OIC (certificate of information about the origin) is offered in PDF format. The certificate has all the information about the issuing party, the file itself and all block-chain data, such as time stamps and proof of existence. The verification process can be done in two ways: verification by a certified employee of V-ID and self-assessment. For each check, transactions are made with V-ID tokens. Because the data related to this transaction is in the blockchain, the party that validates and the file being examined is completely transparent.
Q1 2017 Run the V-ID.
Q2 2017 Working prototype V-ID terminal.
Q3 2017 Custom tests
Q4 2017 The first real users of V-ID.
Q1 2018 Running V-ID.org
Q2 2018 Launch a V-ID token for early users in different sectors. From 3 to 6 organizations that use V-ID for document verification. Private sale.
Q3 2018 Pre-sales. Partnership with the stock exchanges.
Q4 2018 Public sale. Advertising campaigns of 10 organizations using V-ID to check documents online advertising campaign (exchanges, news sites, magazines, social media).
Q1 2019 V-ID application; the first public exchanges.
Q2 2019 API; launching a wallet; exchange on larger exchanges.
Q3 2019 API live white label widgets live B2C Validation.
Q4 2019 Over 30 customers; 200,000 documents per year; international brand recognition.
Team V-ID Platform:
Wico van Helden
Marnix van den Berg
Lead Development
Pim Voets
Lead Concept Design
Ceciel van Helden
Lead Programming
Wil van Groesen
Lead Engineering
Thijs Calkhoven
Lead Product Manager
Edwin van der Lee
Lead Customer Support
Bastiaan Oosterman
Advisor, Business Dev Director Alterdax
Magnus Dufwa
Advisor, CEO Blockalize | Lead Dev Shipchain
Alan Whitfield
Advisor, CEO UK WIdidi
Willem-Jan Smits
Advisor, Lawyer Watson Law
Camiel Vermeulen
Advisor, Lawyer Watson Law
More details on the V-ID platform project:
V-ID Verification Web site: https://www.v-id.org/
Website tokens-Sell: https://token.v-id.org/?2
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4918204.msg44277489#msg44277489
White Paper: https://token.v-id.org/page/v-id-business-white-paper.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V-ID-277311629500577/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/v_id_blockchain
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VIDT/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/v-id/
Medium: https://medium.com/@pim_vee
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/v_id_org/
Telegram: https://t.me/vidtoken
GitHub: https://github.com/V-ID/V-ID-Token
Bitcointalk Profile Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1717088

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