NanoHealthCare - an ecosystem that makes a person healthy!

The NanoHealth team participated in the International Blockchain Congress, which took place earlier this month. During the event, the team launched a healthcare ecosystem on the blockhouse, called the NHCT token. The project is considered to be really modern and promising, it was created to solve a large number of problems in the healthcare sector.

The Congress was jointly organized by the team of Nucleus Vision, which included the Ministry of Information Technology and Industry of Goa and Telengana, as well as a strategic planning team from the office of the Prime Minister. It consisted of several block-funds, experts, as well as enthusiasts of the crypto-currency industry. The creators of the decentralized platform NanoHealthCare believe that health is the determining factor in a person's life, that's why today people should have access to all the necessary information concerning diets, treatment and progressive methods of fighting certain diseases.
The new NanoHealthCare ecosystem-blocking ecosystem The NanoHealthCare
platform represents a huge ecosystem in which all the data from the healthcare segment will be collected. Project participants will be able to exchange valuable information using an internal platform token. He stresses the need for individualization of health care for people and ensuring that health systems are not only workable, but also well-organized.

The ecosystem works by connecting payers, users, and suppliers on one stand, by using a three-level protocol of tokens to manage the financial system between the participants.

At the beginning of the conference, the NHCT was given the opportunity to launch a prototype of its platform. The creators of the platform managed to impress potential investors with a demonstration of the prototype, while they already had the means to implement the launching part of their ecosystem.
NanoHealthcare Token

Creating Total Health
The value of the company is that the creators of NanoHealthCare are going to attract investors for the rapid development of the healthcare segment. This is connected with the possibilities of creating a common ecosystem, which will be of great importance for helping clients who need a healthy and improved quality of life.

Experienced investor Irina Lichfild congratulated the team on the development of an innovative healthcare project, which played an important role in expanding this area as a whole. The success of the project is due to the fact that today there are practically no analogues of such a system.

On the second day of the conference, the NHTC took part in the ICO field, where again they were able to receive very positive feedback from the participants. Manish Ranjan, CEO of the company, claimed that the company has a good legacy when it comes to providing medical services.

This is due to the fact that in the recent past they managed to reach more than 70 000 people, as a result of which they treated them for non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes. Over the past few years, the company has been working with the government of the state of Telengana, as well as with other corporations, so they offer measurable and monitorable toolbars for organizations and communities.

According to the head of the ecosystem development department of NanoHealth, Praveen Dvarkanath, they are doing everything possible to ensure that the NHCT is a quality and safe project for the conduct of the ICO. The company is proud that unlike other medical ICO, they are the only ones who are able to produce 100% certified medical data.
The data protocol of the company's three-tiered tokens allows them to stimulate consumers to every action they take, even when they are working to improve their overall health, for example, through physical exercise and periodic medical examinations.

The NHCT team stated that private investors will receive compensation, as well as special protection of their domestic capital. Now the developers of NanoHealthCare can only wait for the sale of the tokens in order to get the amount required for further development.


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