About Neironix
Neironix is ​​an independent ranking platform where ranking individual projects is made, using the results of the computational and neural networks. The mission of this platform is to create an information base and analytics. Using it, investors will be able to assess their investment risks in the blockchain market. Developers pay much attention to the development of risk-based investment management. Therefore, the team has enough experts in this direction. And such a management approach, developed by the Neironix project team, has been patented.

The main feature of any project would be its evaluation. The formation of this assessment will occur through the analysis of more than 75 indicators. The team emphasizes minimizing the impact of expert judgment on the overall assessment of the project. And greater priority will be given to algorithmic composition and methodology of ranking. The results will be displayed in proportion, depending on the points assigned to the project.

What will we see if we visit this platform. We will see actual blockchain projects, cryptomarket data, blockchain activity news, and a large amount of analysis information (ICO ratings, market indices and analysis, vehicle analysis). . The design and interface of the platform is quite pleasant and intuitive. Much analytical data is visualized successfully, increasing the efficiency of their perception. Just note that the platform has beta version, can be acces by reference . There is also a mobile version for both Android and iOS .

What are the advantages of Neironix?

The first advantage, as the developers said, is that the database of events in cryptoworld, which already exists. Information collected on more than 4,000 blockchain projects has been launched in recent years. In addition, using the API, the system analyzes statistical information on more than 5000 types of electronic money. This information provides an opportunity to analyze more accurate data on future projects, making a more accurate assessment. The second advantage is the openness of the information .
Database information used during rating formation is open to the user. Consequently, users may be persuaded of the objectivity of the indicators and the results of the evaluation of the project. The third advantage is that the team creates a unique method for analyzing data. Using neural networks and a huge database, you can expect a more accurate ranking of the project. Note that neural networks can "learn" by accumulating new data and their use will always be relevant. Another advantage is the online notification to the user . Continuous data analysis is available to users on the platform. In addition, in real time, information on the current state of development of a particular project will be published on. It is also important for investors.

Because the Neironix platform will provide a large amount of information about the world of electronic money, its users will be private or professional investors and emerging project teams on the ICO. Why is this platform so interesting for private investors? For them will be available:

ranking current ICO projects;
vehicle analysis, on each ICO project implemented;
popular index of electronic money and currency;
analysis of electronic money and general market conditions;
Customized notification system for tracking financial analysis and project rating.
For professional investors, will also be available:
monitoring of risk factors and notification systems of changes in the level of risk of a particular project.
analysis of capital of major owners for each relevant ICO project;
monitor the situation with the posting of the token on the trading floor;
historical data and financial market analysis, current market situation analysis and media evaluation.
Cooperation with Neironix will be very interesting for the project team going to the ICO, as the following functions will be available to them:
ability to manage the project on all stages of its development;
comparable to similar projects in terms of functionality, implementation and ideas;
recommendations for ICO preparation;
ICO project evaluation;
KYC verification process for project participants;
Ability to run your own blog on Neironix platform or to publish press releases, reports and news on the project.
Analyze the price of the token on the trading platform, notice the change in the amount of the large owner.
In 2017 came the explosion of the ICO market and trailing it was the coming on board of many ICO rating agencies. Arising from the scenario was the question of reliability on the judgment of these agencies.

The rise of ICOs within this period also came the rise of the so-called ‘ICO economy’, a description used for economic activities that resulted from the boom in initial coin offerings, which require a range of peripheral services to succeed.

Developers, copywriters, digital marketers, social media managers, PR agencies, lawyers, strategic advisors, media organizations, and ICO rating agencies are all participants in the ICO economy, and everyone is benefitting.

This is arguably an excellent development that shows how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are creating jobs and are a driver for economic activity. But as we know from the wave of ICO scams, underperforming ICO- funded blockchain ventures and questionable ICO marketing practices, some participants in the economy have little regard for business ethics. Quite unfortunately, some self-proclaimed ICO rating agencies reportedly fall into this case.

Project Neironix

The project has the mission of being a leader in the provision of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency market trends to enable investors make well informed investment decisions and having a long term market strategies.

Here is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics. You have ratings allotted to the projects automatically on the basis mathematical scoring results, neuron networks, and many dimensions of huge bulk of data.

The international risk management standard is the method being adopted by Neironix. It means using risk evaluation methods that are alike, having as a target professional investors and institutional funds of the traditional economy.

The international rating methodology is in use presently in about eighty eight countries and these are countries with the highest Gross Domestic Product level, a good pointer and guide for risk management.

The practice at this unique ecosystem is such that a complete approach is adopted in drawing up the rating, making use of not less than 75 key dynamic risk factors so that one is able to get an objective perspective regarding investment attractiveness of an ICO or blockchain project. So, at the end of the day investors have access to information that is devoid of bias about the core ‘strategic indicators and potential risks’.

The method in use by Neironix affords it the chance of identifying a number of factors with effect on the trustworthiness and how stable, investment wise an ICO project is.

The other good news is that as at the moment, the platform’s beta version is available, giving a list of ICO projects. Apart from that, it is obtainable in the format of a mobile app for IOS and Android, also including for Google Chrome browser.

The project has great advantages in the following ways: information transparency, has historical record in terms of previous ICO projects implemented on the blockchain, it goes as an end product and the team at the platform is unique - having leading experts in risk management attributed with G31000, an international leader in the aspect of corporate risk management.

Additionally, Neironix participates actively in the designing of cryptocurrency standards, provides online data analysis, online data tracking and many other features that makes the project one of its kind.

Tokens use
The NRX token (created on the blockchain Ethereum) will be used as an internal currency to pay for various types of information and advertising services (premium lists, advertisements, press releases, e-mail distribution, etc.). We must note that after the moment when the NRX token trading turnover on the exchange reached 2% of the total problems, the team will be able to receive payments for the above services in other crypto currencies. But until the trade turnover reaches that number - payments on the platform will be made only in NRX. There are several actions in the deflation policy regarding internal tokens, namely: burning all tokens received for payment of information and advertising services,

Token - NRX
Token-sale - 1 September 2018 - 30 November 2018
Token price - $ 0.219
Soft Cap - $ 1,000,000
Hard Cap - $ 31,000,000
The total amount - 140 000 000 NRX (tokens that have not been sold will be burned)

Token Distribution:
66.5% - sales
10% - founder and team
10% - partnering
7% - operational funds in the project
3.5% - advisor
3% - bounty campaign





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