MODULE – Decentralized Solution for Big Data Storage

Module is a blockchain based platform which is created to get benefit from the free storage of smartphones, PCs, and servers as an asset. Through this Module platform, any individual will be able to participate in mining process even from their smartphone. On the other side, servers and enterprises can also participate in mining. Users will have to share their storage space to the platform and in return they will get benefitted by the Module’s reward token named MODL. They are using unused assets for mining process and users will also be able to develop DApps (Decentralized Applications) on the platform.

The problem starts from the centralized network of capitalism where the challenges are facing by the power consumption of PoW (Proof-of-Work) and centralized PoS (Proof-of-Stake). In PoW, the huge investments have been done on an equipment for mining process. In PoS, the liquidity of the cryptocurrencies is violated and from this the gap between rich and poor is growing day-by-day. Today, there are around 2 billion smartphone users worldwide and average smartphone storage capacity is 32 GB where half of them are not used. This means approx. 32 billion GB is counted in unused resources. On the other side, in global markets, businesses and governments are asking more storage demands for their huge number of databases.

The solution where Module is come up by providing new technology platform that enables everyone to participate in mining, even from a mobile device. In addition, users build their own DApps and will also have the authority to issue new currencies on the platform. For power consumption, they mainly focused on mobile devices as a future of mining with energy-efficient and easy to use devices. On lending your storage capacity, you will be able to get rewards as in MODL tokens under the platform.
In their PCSN (P2P Cloud Storage Network), client-side encryption is possible because they enable a user to transmit and share data without having any kind of third-party inclusion. It will eliminate the traditional data errors and power cuts on providing more security, privacy and data control.
Module Platform is using unique mining method i.e. PoSTT which means Proof of Space, Time and Transaction Protocol. In this protocol, they created a decentralized storage network with their own tokens provided p2p. Clients will use the tokens for storing and transmitting data while miners will mine the coins which is used for data storage, services etc.
The Team
Toshiki Tashiro – Product Manager – He’s having 10 years of experience in the Software Industry, including management of a software developing company. He passionate about raising awareness on Blockchain and cutting-edge technologies in local communities. He specializes in Crypto Economy, Startups and ICO Analysis.

Yuichi Yoshida – Marketing – He’s a young entrepreneur and running his business since he was 21 years old. He’s also an investor, invested in Real Estate, Securities and Cryptographic Currency and participated in many ICOs.

Eisuke Matsumoto – Marketing – He’s having 10 years of experience in Marketing in foreign-affiliated companies. He’s the youngest person ever to establish a sales record in Japan.

Token Matrix
Token – MODL
Total Supply – 15 Billion MODL
Price – $0.008 USD
Soft Cap – $5M USD
Hard Cap – $18M USD
Pre-Sale Start – 16th July 2018
Public Sale – 1st August 30th September 2018

Social Media Reach
Facebook – 550+ Followers –
Twitter – 1105+ Followers –
Telegram – 2310+ Members –

The Social Media hype is low, and they are also not active on their Telegram Group.
The Website is explained in well-structured, but Whitepaper is not explained well because they did not explain about how they are doing.
There are 14 core members in an executive team who are having experience in Marketing, Financial Industry, Software Development, and Blockchain Technology.
They have 4 advisors on board who are having expertise in Research, Investments, IT, Marketing, and Blockchain Technology.
The Roadmap is provided till 2019, where ICO ends in September 2018. Currently, MVP is not available.
They have partnered with System Design Works, ICO Box, and Cryptonomics Capital.

For Detailed Information
Website –
Whitepaper –
ANN Thread –

Bitcointalk URL –;u=1030341

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