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Now in the domestic space, many know about the crypto currency and the ways of making money on it. The main one is investing in projects. It seems that this is a fairly simple way of earning invest your own money and make a profit. But this is only at first glance.

At the moment, there are two important problems that make investments in such projects risky enough. Firstly this is the number of projects that breed like rabbits. The competition is high, but it is not possible to choose from such a large number. Secondly, a complex and tedious process for evaluating projects. From all of the above, I draw the conclusion that without outside help, it will not be possible to manage. And she is. This is a project of Neironix.

Neironix is the first platform with an independent rating that evaluates all projects that sell tokens. How do you evaluate projects? Here, innovative technologies, more powerful and productive, come to the aid of the human mind. It's about mathematical calculations, neural networks and multidimensional data analysis.

Naturally, without the data, it is impossible to evaluate the project. The creators of Neironix found such resources. First, the project itself is taken. Then, the market for crypto currency is analyzed. Further, the news is monitored on the network and comments on the project. After a quick survey, legal and reference data are attached. Then a risk analysis is carried out with possible investment in the project. After analyzing all these data, the media are connected. As you can see, there is enough data to analyze one project. A total of about 75 factors will be involved. As a result, an assessment of risks is made with possible investment in projects.

Naturally, many of you will wonder: "And what is this project better than the rest"? The Neironix platform is a big and lively mechanism. It collects and processes a huge array of data, and unlike many competitors, conducts analysis on an independent basis, that is, without the participation of stakeholders. Everything happens quickly and without delays, the error is minimal, because artificial intelligence and neural networks are involved in the processing process. Well, the most important thing is that it is already a functioning product. While many people are just beginning to do this and it is not known what it will lead to, the Neironix project participants can already observe the rating of projects.

All payment for services in the Neironix project is carried out using a proprietary NRX token that supports the ERC-20 (etherium network) standard. In total, the project intends to release 140 million tokens on the market. You can buy a NRX token by participating in Tokensale, which starts on September 1 and runs until November 30. By the way, there will not be a preliminary sale, so the leadership decided. And this is great news, since from the very beginning of the public sale, the token will be traded at the lowest price. Now the cost of NRX is equated to ETH: 1 NRX 0.001061571 ETH. For three months the team intends to collect Hardcap 1 million dollars. Anyone can take part in the purchase of tokens if work in ICO projects is allowed in his country. Also, verification of identity is required. The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH, which is not much at all. After the successful sale of the tokens, Neironix plans to add its own tokens to the largest exchanges. This is scheduled for early 2019.

The Neironix project is a concern for our well-being. Now we do not need to analyze projects for possible investment. The Neironix project will do everything for us, and with minimal errors, since the entire assessment is conducted by artificial intelligence. Why did I choose this project? Everything is simple, its creators already have a ready-made and functioning product, which can be found here. Do not miss the chance to become a Neironix team.

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