SECURIX : A Token Driven Mining Company

Securix is a company engaged in the production of virtual currency Bitcoin. The production facilities of Securix are located in the Netherlands, whose legislation does not prohibit the production and use of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the company has 24 thousand units of mining equipment and a three-storey building with an area of 10500 square meters.

One of the unique features of this project is the decentralized purchase of electricity from the EAN-2-EAN platform. Such acquisition provides for the exclusion of intermediaries and third parties, which implies a lower cost of electricity. Moreover, the purchased electricity is produced with the help of alternative energy sources that do not pollute the environment.


1: Effective system of protection, data protection and fire safety. Most of the objects will be made of fire-resistant material, the company will always be under the supervision of the security system, and the company's specialists will be able to prevent hacker attacks.

2: The company develops application SECURIX MEGA VAULT WALLET and internal exchange Exchange DCE. Thanks to the application, you can manage your balance and find out accurate information about the power of the company and the number of coins mined. And their internal exchange will give the opportunity to buy and sell certain crypto assets, as well as exchange them for traditional money.

3: Purchase of electricity will be carried out without intermediaries from the platform EAN-2-EAN, which significantly reduces the price.

4: All processes related to mining will be monitored through special programs, which will make it possible to quickly solve any difficulties and problems.

5: The company provides for a monthly investment strategy. This implies that each month the funds will be reinvested and thus the price and volume of the company's tokens will increase. Also, it will give an opportunity to each investor to regularly make a profit.


This is the most important part of any review you read on cryptocurrencies weather it's an ICO or an already launched token or coin. As an investor the token/coin is what you are buying it needs to be integral to the success of the product. If it isn't there is no reason to believe your investment will be worth anything. That lesson out of the way it's pretty simple in the case of Mining ICO's in general. The tokens are tied to the product as owning them gives you rights to revenue share, so SRXIO tokens should increase in value as Securix's reputation grows.

ROI for mining ICOs are simply incredible. If they are able to payout what they are projecting they are an incredible investment. As they state in their whitepaper this graph is a projection based on available info, it isn't a guarantee it will be completely accurate. Crypto in general has had a tough ~6 months but even at current prices this project is projecting nearly a 100% ROI in one years time. This is really only possible because of how early we are in the crypto space.

Token Name: Securix

Token Ticker: SRXIO

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 35,000,000,000 STL

Investment Information

Acceptable currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, Fiat

Token price: 1 SRXIO = $ 1.00 USD

Minimum investment: $ 100 USD

Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 55,000,000 USD

Official links for more details,

Twitter: https : //
BTT Thread:;u=2161156;sa=summary
Medium: https: / /

Bitcointalk Profile URL;u=1030341

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