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The vitality business has constantly confronted a high level of concentrated approval and activity. While traditional non-renewable energy source creates shoddy power, it likewise is dreaded to cause serious and even irreversible contamination and harm to nature. As of late, the world's worldwide forces have started to perceive potential issues caused by the utilization of customary petroleum products, for example, an Earth-wide temperature boost and contamination, and numerous administrations have issued arrangements to advance the improvement of sustainable power source ventures.

This has prodded awesome advancement in the sustainable power source industry while step by step diminishing the expenses. Therefore, the quantity of new sustainable power source control ventures has overshadowed new customary non-renewable energy source control ventures. In 2016, 60% of the recently included worldwide power limit originated from sustainable power source. In spite of the fact that the sustainable power source industry has made awesome walks as of late, there are still a few issues that should be illuminated amid advancement.

also, the power yield of sustainable power source ventures is unusual and vacillates because of natural factors outside human ability to control. This makes it troublesome for power matrix administrators to adjust the power age and heap of a network when a huge bit of its vitality originates from sustainable power sources. Deficient involvement in overseeing sustainable power source framework associations and absence of brilliant matrix innovation makes complexities for power service organizations that can moderate reception.


EtainPower aim to take care of the subsidizing issues, simplicity of speculation, and calculated difficulties confronting the worldwide electric power framework:

The EtainPower stage makes a viable new model for worldwide financial specialists to get to and put resources into sustainable power source ventures. Not exclusively will the stage give accessible postings of undertakings, yet EtainPower will lead due industriousness on each to guarantee quality measures are met and advise speculators on individual ventures' qualities and shortcomings. Undertaking financial specialists will never again be constrained to gaining the fiat cash of the task's area. They will rather get vitality tokens which they can either change over to the EtainPower token or use to buy power or different administrations inside the EtainPower environment.

Since the modern transformation, society has moved toward becoming always reliant on vitality. The expanding reliance on vitality has caused not just asset depletion of customary non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil, gas, yet additionally genuine contamination to the earth. Researchers trust that the arrival of ozone depleting substances from the utilization of petroleum products into the air is in charge of the consistent increment in the Earth's normal temperature in the course of the most recent century. The worldwide ascent in surface temperature causes ice sheets to subside and ocean levels to rise, undermining island countries and beach front urban communities.
As of late, the universal forces have by and large consented to lessen the utilization of customary petroleum products to limit potential consequences for the atmosphere. The universal powers achieved an agreement to extend the compass of sustainable power source capacity to lessen reliance on petroleum derivatives. Numerous nations have organized creating and making utilization of sustainable power source as a key piece of their vitality generation methodologies.

The EtainPower authority group has many years of involvement in sustainable power source and power framework plan and administration. Roused by the decentralization, straightforwardness and vote based system of blockchain, EtainPower set out determined to fathom the financing trouble of sustainable power source ventures. Utilizing creative AI and different innovations, EtainPower is attempting to upgrade the interfacing frameworks between sustainable power sources and the power lattices. By limiting the effect of recurrence vacillation and enhancing the security and steadiness of matrix activity, we can expel the snags that hinder sustainable power source venture advancement.

About EtainPower:
The source of the earth's life enables the human existence of the earth. We have found an energy source for survival. Prevent limited resources on earth. People's planets and activities in daily life regenerate and harvest energy.
The energy of life is the energy of light. The energy of light has been found on Earth. That is where our solar system is important. Our earth and the source of life have been used. Our world knows the people with the greatest energy on earth. Energy is important to everyone. Welcome to EtainPower.
EtainPower plays and supports block chains and artificial intelligence. Silicon Valley's state-of-the-art team uses an innovative block-chain architecture to quickly process all block switch technologies.
EtainPower supports block technology and electrical facility operation and regeneration projects. Rape the law of air defense. I prepared my research.

EtainPower is developing human and corporate reproduction solutions. The power of Blockchain technology extends the creation and use of reproduction and provides solutions. This project requires worldwide investment and support. Follow the platform. Tokens The token platform (EPR) and the PPS token (power point) use developers and producers

How to use EPR signing with PMP. Electric car and chain based microgrid block and good quality Two kinds of token and bulk order program. We supply and supply energy. The main mission of this platform is to match the holiday model.
Q3 2017
EtainPower has started.
Q2 2018
Contract with Antigua Electric Utilities
Q3 2018
PPS 1.0
We have completed the project storage test.
Q4 2018
Crowdfounding Platform.beta
January 2019
Crowd conferences 1.0
4/4, 2019
2.6 Increase in GW Project
Proprietary P2P service.
EV Rent and EV Charging
Q2 2020
PPS 3.0 (Microgrid)
smart gridde development
Smart Grid System 2.0
8.6 Percentage of projects in GW
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Power companies always support centralized authentication and operation. Current fossil fuels are created at fair prices and seek the cause of environmental pollution. Recently, policy development and internationalization are important for global warming impact and progress of renewable energy project.
Please report raw materials and production process. Additional energy in the renewable energy field. From 2016 to 60%.
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