Innovative solution for crowdsale participants — Neironix Rating Platform

Now; Crowdsales is a very popular way to raise funds for startups, especially blockchain projects. In 2018, the startup has earned more than $ 18 B of sales of the throuhg or ICO tokens and has exceeded the total amount in 2017 (source). The amount of this investment has been raised from around 40 million cryptocurrency holders based on the fact that ethereum is the most accepted cryptocurrency in the ICO and there are around 40 million unique addresses on the Ethereum network (source). Result of; ICO as a crowdfunding method is increasingly popular.

Potential investors rely on many sources to gather information about ICOs. Common sources of information are Bitcointalk forums, ICO site listings & reviews, project documents, blogs, events and so on. However, there are major weaknesses of these sources. Everything is subjective and vulnerable to manipulation. As an example; The ICO project can make payments to the ICO register site to place their above ICO or experts to review their projects higher. Another significant disadvantage is that all of these sources are separate from each other. Therefore; takes a long time to draw a comprehensive picture of the ICO.

Neironix offers a comprehensive solution for all cryptocurrency market players. Basically; The Neironix platform aims to reduce the subjective part of the ranking and improve the objective section by gathering dynamic data about more than 75 risk factors determined according to international standards and best industry practices in the risk management sector.

Neironix for private investors

Final assessment results, multidimensional assessment of ICO projects;
Monitoring and notification of changes in the ranking of certain ICO projects;
Monitoring of the issuance of the main Road Map obligation for each ICO project implemented;
Cognitive analysis of reports on traditional and social media for each ICO project implemented;
Popularity index for cryptocurrency and tokens;
Analytics for financial markets;
Access to special notification systems related to financial analytics monitoring

Potential investors rely on many sources to gather information about ICO. Common information sources are Bitcointalk forum, ICO listing & review sites, documents of the project, blogs, events and so on. However, there is a major drawback of these sources. All of them are subjective and vulnerable to be manipulated. For example; ICO projects may make payment to ICO listing sites to place their ICO on the top or experts to review their project higher. Another significant disadvantage is that all of these sources are separate from each other. Hence; it requires substantial time to draw a comprehensive picture of an ICO.

Neironix offers a comprehensive solution for all players of cryptocurrencies market. Basically; Neironix platform aims to reduce subjective part of ratings and increase objective part by gathering dynamic data about more than 75 risk factors which are defined according to international standards and best industry practices in risk management sector.
8 Steps to draw a rating — Neironix Rating Methodology
Defining both dynamic and static risk factors (revised periodically)
Gathering huge amount of data about these risk factors and cryptocurrencies market automatically
Collecting expert data through questionnaires
Accumulating past data
Forming Neironix Sandbox consisting of several ICO projects and it is used as a benchmark for further ratings
Draw objective rating score between 0 and 100 (0 most risky, 100 most trustworthy)
Regularly updates these scores
Sending notification to users about specified projects by them
Token Sale Information
Total emission: 140,000,000 NRX (neironix token)
ICO dates: 1–30 September (35% bonus), 1–31 October (15% bonus), 1–30 November (5% bonus)
Tokens for sale: 95,200,000 NRX (68% of total emission)
Unit token price: 0,001061571 ETH
Soft cap: $1,000,000 (subject to change based on ETH/USD rate)
Hard cap: $31,000,000 (subject to change based on ETH/USD rate)

What are the advantages of Neironix?

The first advantage, as the developers said, is that the database of events in cryptoworld, which already exists. Information collected on more than 4,000 blockchain projects has been launched in recent years. In addition, using the API, the system analyzes statistical information on more than 5000 types of electronic money. This information provides an opportunity to analyze more accurate data on future projects, making a more accurate assessment. The second advantage is the openness of the information .
Database information used during rating formation is open to the user. Consequently, users may be persuaded of the objectivity of the indicators and the results of the evaluation of the project. The third advantage is that the team creates a unique method for analyzing data. Using neural networks and a huge database, you can expect a more accurate ranking of the project. Note that neural networks can "learn" by accumulating new data and their use will always be relevant. Another advantage is the online notification to the user . Continuous data analysis is available to users on the platform. In addition, in real time, information on the current state of development of a particular project will be published on. It is also important for investors.

Because the Neironix platform will provide a large amount of information about the world of electronic money, its users will be private or professional investors and emerging project teams on the ICO. Why is this platform so interesting for private investors? For them will be available:

ranking current ICO projects;
vehicle analysis, on each ICO project implemented;
popular index of electronic money and currency;
analysis of electronic money and general market conditions;
Customized notification system for tracking financial analysis and project rating.
For professional investors, will also be available:
monitoring of risk factors and notification systems of changes in the level of risk of a particular project.
analysis of capital of major owners for each relevant ICO project;
monitor the situation with the posting of the token on the trading floor;
historical data and financial market analysis, current market situation analysis and media evaluation.
Cooperation with Neironix will be very interesting for the project team going to the ICO, as the following functions will be available to them:
ability to manage the project on all stages of its development;
comparable to similar projects in terms of functionality, implementation and ideas;
recommendations for ICO preparation;
ICO project evaluation;
KYC verification process for project participants;
Ability to run your own blog on Neironix platform or to publish press releases, reports and news on the project.
Analyze the price of the token on the trading platform, notice the change in the amount of the large owner.


Everyone should decide independently whether to join or not to participate in the sale of the token. Sure, the project team offers a really interesting product that will be useful to all investors. The proposed analysis will help investors make informed decisions about the feasibility of investing in a particular project. Therefore, such a project will not be attracted by the attention of cryptographic enthusiasts.
But at the same time, we should not forget the existence of great competition in this direction. But most of the competitors do not have their own electronic money, and the grading method of blockchain projects, using neural networks in the process, as the developers say, is unique. Personally I would note that the obvious advantage of Neironix is ​​the existence of a beta of this platform, and a very good team.








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