SportsFix is bringing a revolution to the sporting ecosystem by building contents based on blockchain technology; thereby removing sports media rights, ensuring trust and transparency through the issuance of SportsFix Token (SFT) and smart contracts which is built on the Ethereum network.

Traditional TV is engulfed with some problems which range from poor content discovery, too many platforms and channels etc. SportsFix through the Digital Stadium (DS) concept helps fans to connect with their favorite team and also with each other. They can also vote for their favorite team's sports content.
Another problem of traditional TV is middlemen mark-ups, artificial pricing, and packaging. Fans are faced with aggregated prices as a result of agents acting as gatekeepers to the industry. These agents most times aren’t transparent as they are not provided with incentives to be. They are only interested in protecting their relations with might holders and Broadcasters.
With SportsFix, right holders can connect directly to their fans without the use of middlemen/agents. They can directly deliver live games through the Digital Stadium in smaller packages to the smartphones of their fans. This will also ensure transparency.
Centralized revenue distribution system which includes right holders selling off their rights of all teams/club in a league format, unfair/inequality of revenue re-distribution to clubs/teams etc.
To solve this problem, SportsFix acquires the legal right to live stream sports content at the league level. It will also create a new token economy which is based on actual consumption of sports content which will create a direct engagement opportunity between clubs/right holders and fans through the exchange of SportsFix token (SFT).
Also the problem of displaced fans not being able to watch their favorite teams/leagues or events as a result of location, lack of access to live TV broadcast. Lack of access to live TV broadcast and financial constraints will be solved by giving displaced fans an opportunity to vote, request and pledge for SportsFix catalog through a transparent data analysis platform which will be connected to the Digital Stadium economy.
The problem of lack of direct fan engagement will be solved by the creation of a token economy built around sports content where fans can go from being passive to being actively engaged. Each fan will have a SportFix wallet that will be of tremendous helping identifying and engaging them individually. Clubs will also be able to individually identify, engage and reward fans through a lot of available opportunities, through the use of the SportsFix Token.

The SportsFix Digital Stadium is the ultimate solution. It is aimed at combining fan experience with the excitement of live and Video on Demand (VOD) sports content through the power of social media. It is a platform that allows fans to engage directly with their favorite clubs, pledge and vote for their favorite content, fans can only pay for their preferred content, and also fan can have the live stadium experience by interacting with other fans within the Digital Stadium.
Digital Stadium integrates the blockchain (smart contract) and OTT technology (delivering of film and TV content) without the users having to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite Pay-TV service. SportsFix intention is to utilize sports contents in order to accelerate the adoption and use of cryptocurrency which will be used by masses in their everyday sports consumption.
The Digital Stadium components include the Tiered model. Which is based on group attendance, as the fan base grows, special features are unlocked at each tier we have the Bronze, silver and Gold, platinum and the Superfan stadium. Each of these stadiums comes with different features and gives fans the ultimate stadium experience.

Digital stadium economy is built on a growth model, and to achieve this growth, SportsFix will be employing four strategies namely; Game day passes, Club Growth Model, Sponsorship Model, Micro Advertising Model.
Game day passes are used to speed up growth by leveraging fans social media accounts and creating a viral loop using Digital Stadium marketing engine (DSME). Fans can also earn SportsFix token from clubs, and then from sponsors.
In Club Growth Model, clubs are assigned their own DSME and allowed to set up their own bounty prizes in SportsFix Token to engage fans actively.
The Sponsorship Model will successfully be deployed after the Growth Model. It will enable sponsors to engage with fans, and help establish a fan base and audience. Sponsors can purchase game day passes or discount them by paying for a portion of the ticket.
In the Micro Advertising Model, fans pay per view and advertisers decide on the expenditure limits and are only charged by the ads they show.
The SportFix token model helps for the exchange of SprtsFix for SportsFix token and also helps clubs to distribute SportsFix token as rewards to fans to enter Digital Stadium when they do certain tasks that help to grow the attendance of the digital stadium.

Token Metrics: SFT
Tokens Issued: 800,000,000
Token Price (USD): 0.10
Minimum cap: $ 2,000,000
Milestone: $13.2 million
Maximum cap: $ 37,200,000


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