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Cryptocurrency really changes the game for cross-border real estate transactions allowing people from all over the world to invest in fractional real estate. With as little as 2 ETH people can benefit from income producing properties along with capital appreciation. Because it’s built on the Ethereum platform with over a $50 billion market cap there are plenty of traders willing to purchase security tokens making it a liquid environment. Not only do you have more cross-border access through cryptocurrency than ever before, but you also have a lower minimum investment amount required.

Many people believe that real estate investments are only a game for the rich. That use to be the case, in the past you did need the right connections to get access to real estate deals. Not only did you need the right connections, but you also needed massive amounts of capital. Those barriers to entry limited who could get involved with real estate and convinced most that it would never be an option. In the last few years there have been many changes that now provide real estate opportunities for everyone. Here is a timeline of some of the significant changes that have been made in the last few years.


RealtyReturns is a cross-border marketplace that is helping people around the globe access real estate and accumulate wealth. Real estate has always been a bountiful investment with rich returns through income generation and capital appreciation, but the problem is most people can’t access this source of wealth.We live in the era of transparency where trust is absolutely essential for lasting success. 

You see the evidence of this as politics, businesses, and celebrities are brought down by insider information and accusations that come to light. Like it or not groups like Anonymous have become modern day superheroes for bringing confidential information to light. The current trend of transparency is disrupting hierarchies and offering opportunities to everyone. In the finance and real estate world select groups have controlled the dissemination of information to only a select few, that is all about to change.

Greater Accessibility:

Real estate has been an investment vehicle of the wealthy for a very long time, they have known the power of passive income and capital appreciation. The problem is that it’s never been accessible to regular people, the barriers to entry have always been to high, especially when it comes to commercial real estate and multifamily housing. 

Some of the barriers are accessibility to the right sponsors and fund managers, financing, cash requirements, and accreditation. It use to be that you had to no someone who knew someone to get involved. Today platforms cut out the expensive middle man and provide global access for investors to browse properties and invest in shares of real estate using cryptocurrency.

How It Works?

RealtyReturns is building a security token with a decentralized compliance protocol to create an industry standard for how asset-based tokens are issued and traded on the blockchain. The Returns Token is an open-source ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. What we are building is a compliant way that asset-backed tokens can be traded on any ERC-20 platform.

Details of Tokens:

  • Token: RRT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO: 1 RRT = 0.00012 ETH
  • Accepting: ETH


Our Team Has More Than 100 Years of Real Estate Investment Experience and Our Team of Blockchain Programs are Some of the Best in the World.

  • Manny Fernandez - Co-Founder, CEO
  • Rexford R. Hibbs - Co-Founder, COO
  • Alexandr Larinov - Co-Founder, CTO
  • Gustavo Guimaraes - Blockchain / Smart Contractor
  • Robert Loebl - Transaction Manager
  • Trevor Whiting - Investor relations
  • Youdong Zhang - Software internal software
  • Vis Chen - Seine Technology Research
  • Yuguang Li, Social Media 



We are living in the digital era where transparency and trust are more important for long-lasting success. The blockchain based RealtyReturns platform allows its customers for decentralized trading across any ecosystem that supports ERC-20 tokens. This platform will allow you to increases your liquidity, and this platform is helping people by allowing global access to real estate and accumulates wealth through the blockchain model. 

With the help of the online platform, people from all over the world will be allowed to invest in real estate and take the benefit of income generation in a more secure and transparent way.  

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