Trade Pharma Network - The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace

Trade Pharma Network is a European-style and licensed platform with international market share. This Pharmaceutical Platform uses the latest advanced technology that is Artificial Intelligence technology or in short (AI). The use of the AI ​​platform on the Trade Pharma Network algorithm will greatly assist in making more efficient searches and matching digital data between major stakeholders. AI technology is also in collaboration with Blockchain technology that will create a sophisticated platform and is needed in the future. Each drug history and drug origins will be recorded in the system, they can be tracked using the Trade Pharma Network platform. All the history of the drug in search will be known and the origin of the drug and the person in charge. Platforms can find out fake and native drugs that will be very useful for the medical world.
The 3 Main Principles of the Trade Pharma Network Platform

Our basic technology is built on private, public, and hybrid Blockchain networks that bring transparency to this multi-billion industry. Indeed, Trade Pharma Network through a recent, decentralized application that allows our users to disrupt the trust industry with the goal of changing the world for the better through the ledger technology is distributed unconstrained by unlimited input from outside our network.

Our platform uses AI-driven technology consisting of powerful algorithms that require advanced Machine Learning techniques and quality datasets compared to more traditional Machine Learning algorithms today. This AI technology allows programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between supply & demand, with a personal touch.

Our main services are dedicated to the pharmaceutical trade and these connecting platforms together, importers & distributors of expoorters, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profit and partners of our companies in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way.
Combating Fake Drugs
The Trade Pharma Network platform aims to assist in handling pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses. The platform will trade drugs more efficiently and safer. More reliable and more transparent. Counterfeiting of drugs can be prevented because the process of trust and transparency is already inherent in the system of supply and supply their goods.
Trade pharma networks strive to reduce false counterfeit drugs, insurance fraud, patient protection, authenticity and integrated supply chain tracking in real-time using the Internet of Things (IoT) and other smart devices.
Has Pharma Center Market
Trade Pharma Network provides a legiband service to facilitate easy exchange of communication, information and transactions between pharmacies and health institutions.
Crypto Exchange :
Can make payment and exchange of cryptocurrency atomic swaps off the chain with a second layer solution for scalability.

Pharma IoT :
Management and manufacturing of supply chain using Internet of Things (IoT) network and sensor adoption, serialization and aggregation.

Charity Causes :
Collect funds for healthcare related to natural causes globally.

Printed Drugs :
The Additive Time uses 3D printer technology to print drugs.

Pharma Staffing :
Outset Online that has been customized for pharmaceutical and healthcare customers.

Token Info
Name : Tarde Pharma Network
Token : TXP
Price : 1 TXP = 0.07 USD
Bounty : Available
Platform : Ethereum
Soft cap : 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap : 20,000,000 USD
Private Sale : August 20 - September 28, 2018
Pre TGE : October 2 - October 16, 2018
Play TGE : October 17 - November 16, 2018
Token Distribution
The graph at the left outlines the total breakdown of the maximum token supply :
Growth pool, operations, Marketing, Team 35%
Held by TXP 25%
(Pre)TGE, Referral, Bounty 25%
Trade Pharma Network Team 15%
Referral 1%
Bounty 1%

The Team
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