• SUBAJ of Subazh Global network is the platform which has arisen as the first unique and Global ecosystem of a chain which is implemented for online payments of advertizing campaigns and also for remuneration of the program of exchange that participants can use mobile methods.

This platform creates large market in which all types of the companies of businessmen of service providers can take part and receive benefits.

The Subaj project, as its main concept, puts the implementation of loyalty programs, which will undoubtedly be of interest to all owners of various user cards, accounts, etc., i.e. to all participants of any trading process.

  • SUBAJ has a number of advantages before the existing trading platforms:

- instant access to various types of offers of discounts and programs of loyalty;

- transparency of system where sellers and buyers can carry out transactions and communicate;

- Geodrop technology for instant customer acquisition;businessmen get active support from global community;

communication with sellers and clients in real time.

  • **The platform aims to provide better education to children, improve medical facilities in rural areas and spread awareness among the masses, carrying out humanitarian projects. **

Whenever a customer redeems a voucher at any SUBAJ Global Network store, they also donate a small percentage of their tokens to the Subaj Charity Foundation.

  • Necessity of creating Subaj platform:

  • **SUBAJ would be a platform that would act as a one size and would also fit in all blockchain reward based solution for different types of online and offline communities. **

Objectives of the SUBAJ charitable foundation:

-Providing a better education system by creating schools and computer centers for the education of poor and low-income children.

-Dissemination of information on the Internet, computer and mobile technologies in socio-economically backward regions.

-Providing better medical services by opening hospitals, clinics and health centers in poor regions. Improve existing medical facilities by providing the necessary equipment and tools for the treatment of severe infectious diseases and providing adequate vaccines where necessary.

This platform enables the participants to create their respective crypto token sand offer them to the customers as loyalty rewards within the Subaj Blockchain platform.

This platform can be used by various merchants, businesses, companies, institutions and service providers who can offer SBJ tokens or their own business tokens as loyalty rewards to their customers.

Name of a token: SJB
Smart contract: Ethereum ERC-20
Issue: 5,000,000,000 SJB
Price: 1 SBJ = $0.05
Beginning of Pre-ICO: June 18, 2018
Termination Pre-ICO: July 18, 2018

  1. Soft Cap is set at $ 5 million. This is the minimum amount required for the SUBAJ project. If the specified amount is successfully collected during the sale of the tokens, the project team will continue to move to Hard Cap.
  2. Hard Cap is set at $ 70 million. This is the purpose of raising funds, and the sale of tokens will stop when the equivalent of this amount is reached.
  • General view of platform:

SUBAJ is the worthy representative of the modern market of ICO projects. He has the excellent idea professional team and high ratings on listings of ICO projects.

  • Team:

  • Project roadmap:

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