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Dear everybody today I will describe a project that can be interesting for inventors. The technology is developing with a very high speed. We can face even amateurs who have invented interesting useful equipment, and students with great ideas who work in the frame of schools or universities and presenting innovative projects in science exhibitions. Very often it is hard to realize your project without support of sponsors and many ideas stay only on papers or in single examples. Kepler Universe platform is planned to give chance to such developers to realize their invention.


Kepler Universe Ecosystem will include the following projects:
Kepler Universe Platform – is a platform where inventors can find support and manufacture their project after approval
Mega Lab – is a high-tech Lab where Kepler researchers will develop robotic projects.
-Mega Factory –a big factory of 8000 m2 for manufacturing robots.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) – development of AI for market data analysis, facilities management, drones control, robot power.
Technical College
“Kepler City” Hotel and Restaurant Network is aimed to be developed with all robot employees.


How Kepler Universe platform will work.
Any person will be able to register on Kepler Universe platform in order to share their innovative idea. He provides his background information and project description that is recorded by blockchain.
The technicians will search for appropriate projects from Kepler Universal Platform to join the team and assist the inventor.
The advisor will independently evaluate project about its uniqueness, application benefit and chances of success
Optionally marketing and finance managers called Goldsmiths can assist with business plan forming to attract investors.
Investors (Called Angels) who wishes support some invention will be able to find it among the projects ready technically and approved. At the end 80% of the projects income and economic activities will be distributed back to project investors.
In order to realize the plan properly the project will be manufactured at Kepler Technology lab under control of the project team.
Kepler Legal team will protect the rights of investor and development team.

Kepler Token and ICO
Kepler Tokens are the default currency of all the operations payments on Kepler Universe platform. They are issued with adhere to ERC20 token standard and can be stored in any electronic wallet that supports Ethereum based tokens.
Ticker symbol: KEP
Total token supply: 250, 000, 000 KEP + 7 000 000 Bonuses.
Hard Cup: $ 250 000 000
Community offer 40% Bonus token: March 10, 2018
Public ICO: April, 2018
Token price: 1KEP = $1.25
Payment accepted: BTC, ETH


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