Global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden pop music talent!

Korean Pop (K-POP) has become the international face of South Koreathanks to an extremely regimented, coordinated production system that blends addictive melodies, slick choreography, production extravagance, and a never-ending parade of attractive South Korean performers. K-POP stars transcend race and language, breaking the stranglehold of American pop dominance across the world.

The Z-POP DREAM Project is a global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden pop music talent from around the world, accelerate their revival to become a star and create a global economic token market and all supported by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans spread all over the world.

The goal is to Build a global entertainment ecosystem to:
– Create global stars from global talents
– Empower music fans to grow stars
– Grow token economy in the $46 billion global music marketThe funds will be used for build music star creation infrastructure in 10 regions and countries
– Academy, Audition, Promotion, and World Tour Build an online community platform
– Live feed from stars, online purchase, fan votingThe projects will not use their own blockchain, because using ethereum blockchain and a smart contract is enough to Issue and manage base currency in the ecosystem, making digital media licensing and tracking of content distribution and ensure trustworthiness of all transactions and fan voting.

Z-POP DREAM Project creates a global platform to discover hidden pop music talent initially from all across Asia, then from around the world.

  • Discover and nurture hidden Stars
    The Z-POP DREAM Project will set up Z-POP Star Academies in 10 countries and regions outside Korea – Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Future stars will be created by Korea’s tried and tested advanced star training methodology. The project gives talents a realistic chance to rise to stardom.
  • Empower Fans to grow Stars
    The project will give fans the voting interest through our online platform. Fan votes will play a crucial role in decisive events such as auditions and award ceremonies. Adopting the Ethereum blockchain technology, the project makes the voting transparent and trustworthy. The Z-POP DREAM Project offers fans the opportunity to grow their favorite stars.
  • Grow Stars into Global Stars
    K-POP is the fastest growing music sector in the world and breaking down global barriers, as first demonstrated by Psy’s smashing hit ‘Gangnam Style’. The legacy is carried forward by groups like Girl’s Generation, BTS, and WannaOne. The project will create global stars using the successful K-POP music production formula blended with new cultural elements, K-POP’s huge global fan base, and stadium-scale global audition event to be aired internationally by TV broadcasting stations.

  • Z-POP DREAM Project aims at solving these problems with the following approaches.
  • Z-POP DREAM Project will establish a global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden pop music talents, accelerate their rise to stardom and create a global digitised economy within the $46 billion global music market, hand-in-hand with hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans.
  • Key personnel behind the Z-POP DREAM Project including the founders are well-known professional production specialists and music promoters.

Successful implementation of the project will lead to the migration of the Z-POP DREAM ecosystem to a significant part of the current economy of $ 46 billion, where transactions will occur using ZPOP Coin as the base currency.

Abolish the demand for trade coming from crypto-exchangers, where the ZPOP coin will be displayed, the total migration of revenues from the market of $ 46 billion will create a significant demand for the ZPOP coin.

The roadmap:

The team members:

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