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The innovation of non-money payments is growing to an ever increasing extent, in any case, alongside the development of cryptocurrencies, numerous issues show up. As a matter of first importance, these are obviously security issues. Consistently around the globe, through different sorts of false plans, they take a huge number of dollars from clients' financial balances.

Most likely every one of us confronted a circumstance where we require somebody of our colleagues to toss us some cash for different needs by cash transactions. Obviously, you can utilize a bank transaction, however as training appears, exchanges go quite a while, and cash is required at this point. Likewise, only one out of every odd bank has a helpful and quick running versatile application for web based saving money.

Notwithstanding security issues, there are others, for example, centralization and full control by outsiders over individuals' funds. In 2017, when the aggregate capitalization of advanced cash surpassed a large portion of a trillion dollars, the cryptographic money blast pulled in the best personalities from everywhere throughout the world to the blockchain innovation, since it is a stunning innovation equipped for astonishing things that appear to be incredible to us previously.

Above all else, it is significant that BRAVO is a current business, an application for mysterious miniaturized scale payments, helpful installment of tips, shared P2P installments, installment of obligation and different installments.

The Bravo application was propelled in 2015 soon after the dispatch of the campaign, and rapidly turned out to be extremely mainstream among clients, getting the Audience Award in San Francisco. Next, the group took a shot at the improvement of its item and built up a client base, thus, immediately crossed the sign of a huge number of dynamic month to month application clients in excess of a thousand US urban areas.

Bravo can be utilized by the rollover business, for P2P payments, and notwithstanding for vendors who utilize microtransactions or to settle obligations. There are numerous choices.

As per the organization's site, the product is benevolent and quick to utilize, and it is reasonable on the grounds that you just need to pay 2% for each utilization. Bravo has its own API for designers who need to make outsider applications and are alright for clients. Stage plan for extending the market for the stage utilizing the current network.

Accordingly, the organization means to make a steady network notwithstanding what was worked in these three years, that Bravo works and enables its clients to move cash the world over.

How it works

Scan for an exchange beneficiary: Through the GPS system, BRAVO will locate every single conceivable receipt of the token close-by. In the meantime, the system will keep your security, it will just demonstrate the quantities of the wallets of adjacent individuals to which you can transfer tokens.

Secure payments:It will be done in full volume, rapidly and without commission. The underwriter of the payments is the blockchain.

The BRAVO company is effectively creating and staying aware of the occasions, that is the reason they chose to join the blockchain and new technology.

The organization is as of now intending to refresh its officially existing application for BVO cryptocurrency, which will be the primary token of the venture.

The possibility of ​​creating such a stage was conceived as right on time as 2013, when Hector Rodriguez and Maria Luna, the pioneers of the Bravo group later on, confronted the accompanying issue in the bistro: after supper they didn't have the seemingly insignificant details to tip the server and don't it appeared to be conceivable on the grounds that all exchanges through the bank were followed. From that point forward, the thought was destined to make a stage for moment money related microtranslations, and yet unknown. As Blockchain built up, the acknowledgment of the thought wound up attainable.

For what reason do they require Blockchain and their token, you inquire? Tokenization of the system and the presentation of the blockchain will enable you to take care of the considerable number of issues related with the fiat structure, for example, control over your outsider assets, extortion, etc. Notwithstanding taking care of the issues of fiat instruments, BRAVO will likewise take care of various existing issues in crypto payments. In spite of the fact that payment in digital currency work effectively, there are still burdens of utilizing them, which without a doubt frustrates their presentation into regular daily existence. The utilization of a key framework that is troublesome for a "conventional man in the road", laundering expansive entireties of cash, normal phishing trick plans and not just by means of the web interface.


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