Building the next Generation live streaming platform for Sports Fans

About SportsFix

It’s a mobile-centric live streaming platform for sports fans in the ASEAN region. Our platform delivers popular local, regional and international sports content. SportsFix is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SportsFix is owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia's global leader in sports content. The Digital Stadium is the next generation over-the-top (OTT) platform powered by a token economy that allows sports fans to deeply connect with their favourite team, clubs, and sponsors they follow and be rewarded for the engagement through the SportsFix token. Digital Stadiums will are set up in a tiered fashion to promote community and drive growth. As a Digital Stadium community grows, more features are unlocked creating a better viewing experience for fanbases to enjoy.

How is It Work

Combining the excitement of live and video on demand sports content with the power of social networking, gamification, predictions and e-commerce, we present to you


• Traditional TV is an antiquated model.
• Arbitrage game by larger players that monopolize content.
• Poor content discovery.
• Aggregated price increases due to a convoluted system of international
• No incentive for agents to be transparent about the pricing and process.
• Fans end up with more content and channels than they really need
•Rights holders sell rights of ALL clubs/teams in league format
• Centralized media rights system.
• Current revenue opportunities of clubs restricted by collective bargaining.
• Unfair/ inequality of revenue re-distribution to clubs/ teams.
• Displaced fans worldwide largely cannot access and watch their favourite teams/ leagues/events
• Financial constraints for (smaller) sports/leagues/clubs to effectively develop a coherent digital strategy to reach those fans.

Solutions of Sportfix
Having identified the major problem underlying the sport industry, it is reasonable to conclude that sport participants and fans across the globe would appreciate a system like SportFix, which will decentralize the consumption of sport content, eliminate the involvements of the bureaucratic middlemen, pay incentives for sport participation and consumption, and most importantly, provide raw and undiluted sport contents, altogether making the distribution process of sport content immeasurably less convoluted.

Industry Data

•4.7 billion people watch at least one sport.
•Only 10% of games are televised to sports fans.
•Close to 90% of fans are displaced and cannot easily access their favourite sports.

ECO System

Sport Fans now have a new way of consuming all the contents that they require with no use of unreasonably high subscriptions. In this electronic innovation of sport content consumption and distribution that merges the blockchain smart contracts with the conventional OTT technology, which allows the consumption of televised content via the Internet, without the need to subscribe to any Satellite pay-TV services or traditional cable networks, sport fans, in large groups, may graduate among four major tiers;

• The bronze stadium
• The silver stadium
• The gold stadium
• The platinum stadium

Project SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of the SportsFix project is elaborated below
•Strong relationship with sports content right holders globally
•Strategic content agreements and partnerships with league and sports club
•Strong partnerships with telecommunication companies and other operators
•Sachet pricing model


•Huge potential in the target market with population of around 650 million ( ASIAN)
•Decentralized ownership model
•Mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies


• Current platform related to particular content
• No premium content currently available
• Brand awareness and popularity


•Slower internet in emerging markets
•Competition from traditional Pay TV

Token Symbol : SFT
• Tokens Issued : 800,000,000
• Token Price (USD) : 0.10
• Pre-sale duration : 4–8 weeks
• Total amount SFTs sold : 440,000,000
• Pre-sale discounts : 30–50%
• Minimum cap ($) : 2,000,000
• Maximum cap ($) : 37,200,000
55% Sold
• 13% SportsFix team
• 9% SportsFix Advisors
• 5% Sports Club Tokens
• 3% Bounty Program
• 15% Retained by SportsFix in a 'Network Reserve Vault

Token Pricing

• Private Pre Sale 1 - 1 SFT = $ 0.05
• Private Pre Sale 2 - 1 SFT = $ 0.07
• Public Sale - 1 SFT = $ 0.1

Product Development Roadmap

Q2 18 - Prototype Test net

•OTT STadium 1.1
•Live Full HD & DVR
•Testnet Prototype
•Smart Contract Development

Q3 18 - Digital Stadium Launch

•Digital Stadium
•Dashboard Wallet For SF Tokens
•Sponsorship Model Integration

Q4 18 - Club Growth Launch

• Content Voting
• Community Features
• Live User Commentary
• Loyalty Program Gifting

Q1 19 - Micro Ads System Launch

• User, Content Analysis Dashboard
• Micro Advertisement
• User Generated Content

Q2 19 - Deep Integration Launch

• Micro Ads Deep Integration SDK

ICO Roadmap


. STO crowd sale

. Micro-ad system launch

. List SFT on Higher Tier Exchanges


• White paper & poc
•Private presale 1 and 2
•OTT stadium launch (testnet)


•TGE & mainnet launch
•Digital stadium launch
•Public sale


• List SFT on Medium Tier Exchanges
• STO Private Pre-Sale
• Sponsorship Model Launch


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