IDEAL COIN - What is Talent and How are Generated?

Ideal Coin Platform is virtual money that influencers can apply in the Pay-HMO a virtual platform. Ideal Coin program will be processed by algorithms for high-speed use. These commodities are produced by great figure of influencers generating a significant mass of info.

Every part of these influencers can own, build up, sell, buy and sell, relocate or even use these digital assets like wealth, advantaging from the ordinary guarantees and clean protections established by current’s crypto tokens: a few important resources in this method of content and monetization.

As the platform ecosystem generates a content chain from the activities of millions of influencers, it rewards these by transforming any bit of data into virtual value unit that they name TALENT.

What is Talent?
This worth unit will have diff uses applications advantaging the influencers, who'll at not spot lose hold ship of their content. Influencers will capable to add worth to their own content by connecting their profiles with those of tons of other influencers who'll also be offering answers, suggestion, opinions, generating tons pieces of content linked to their activities and earning currency each day.

How are Talents generated?
Extremely simple, it's a form of mining but with customized computing work in its place of tech. these can be obtained in the platform's Exchange place, as a shape of exchange among influencers. They can also be deal for items as well as for services and special offers, as units of electronic investment or transfer.

There's a range of techniques of generating Talents within the platform:

• Answering questions posed by all other influencers.
• Developing profiles quires for influencers.
• As a rewarding survey, questionnaires or questions of any type that you want to respond to. Questions might be posed by customers or any other influencers.
• Offering leads to 3rd persons interested in purchasing them.
• Making referrals, advertising the system among your mates and family.
• Developing the business with all other investors - influencers inside the platform or spending in 3rd person business.
• Cataloging account queries and questioners in your state of residence.
• Carrying out crafting and offering reviews
• Checking the grammar or spelling of 3rd person profiles your region or country.
• Lot of other fun methods of getting Talents like contests, achievements, or giveaways
• Recommending people for specific places in corporations
• Actively contributing to exact programs in the lobby.

Ideal Coin can just be made just by influencer within the system. It’s the money that customers will use to get the info as well as services given by the PAY MHO network.

Influencers will obtain a seven percent discount on Ideal Coin when buying them in PAY MHO network with talents. This rapid worth of the same will be quoted in the worldwide markets or in the exchange area where they’re traded.
Anybody interested in applying services of the system can pay Ideal Coin at the present rate.

This virtual money will be commercially availed in internet markets, and might also be acquired by specialized, marketers, speculators, etc.

The tokens will allocate gradually and extremely carefully to give investors and participants with the most excellent possible results.

The entire Ideal Coin avail on the market have to be generated through crafting in PAY MHO, expect all those commercialized in the initial coin offering.
Ideal Coin (IDL)

Ideal Coin platform is a digital currency based that influencers in the PAY MHO digital social ecosystem. Ideal Coin platform will be secured and processed by the algorithms for quick use. These digital commodities are produced by large numbers of influencers developing a vital mass of content.

These digital assets as currency, advantaging from safeties and guarantees produced by presently are digital tokens or coins: very valuable resources in long-lasting period monetization as well as virtualization data.


• Currently, it is time to repay the worth of profiles to each one who produce them. It is time to control content perfectly and expertly via a platform that grows organically, honestly, sustainably accurately and a platform that's available to all.

• PAY MHO ecosystem will revolutionize the use of communal facts, offering a highly well-organized and dependable use of market research.

• In addition to being enjoyable for users, Pay MHO ecosystem will optimize the resources and promotion efforts of institutions, organizations, individuals as well as governments.

• On the peal of that, contributing INFLUENCERS will make each day.


Ideal Coin platform is a digital money processed and secured by algorithms to be applied in the Pay My Honest Opinion (Pay MHO) virtual social platform by influencers.

It is an engaging and fun platform where sharing and developing content generates worth for the maker. Ideal Coin platform is the money in Pay MHO for buying Proof of Craft algorithms that change house tokens into exact data.

These virtual commodities are produced by great numbers of INFLUENCERS developing a critical information. These can then own, transfer, accumulate, sell, deal or even use these digital or virtual assets as notes, benefiting from the common protections and guarantees established by now’s digital Money (token - Coin): A precious resources in this period of monetized content and digitalization.

Ideal Coin platform is airdropping five IDL tokens to 40k airdrop contributors.

ICO price: ONE IDL = $0.62 USD

How to join?

Step by step guide
• Go to the AirDrop form.
• Join on Telegram Group and Refer a friend.
• Follow on Twitter and Retweet 2 official Tweets.
• Follow on Facebook and Share 2 official Posts.
• Submit your ETH wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form.


The sale ideal coin allows building PAY MHO: a revolutionary huge data Dean Chain protocol info giver. This platform will let anybody to question their target market in one of the most perfect and effective ways available. Get your bonus now and take benefit of the upcoming air drop and bounty programs.

• Token symbol - IDC
• Name - Ideal Coin
• Sale start - July 15th, 2018
• End - Nov, 30th, 2018
• Hard cap token sale - 5.9 of complete issuance or 112,003,460
• Token seed sale - 10,000,000
• Token Private sale - 10,000,000
• Token pre sale - 11,000,000
• Hard cap at set - $ 40,932,971.35
• Soft cap at set - $3,000,000 USD
• Accepted Fiat and crypto money: BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, DASH
• Token for the partner, team, incentives and referral program - 1.77 percent of the complete issuance or 38,953,460
• Cost at exchanges December one - $1.15 USD
• Minimum purchased limit - $62 USD
For more info about Ideal Coin, visit!

• Official Website:
• Whitepaper:
• Telegram:
• Twitter:
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