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It's not a secret, that today crypto-currency assets are more interesting to investors as a tool for generating income. Last year, the ICO market attracted huge funds. Very many projects have allowed their investors to earn a large income. This situation attracted less experienced investors, who invested their money in any projects, without delving into their essence, that, as a result, often led to a complete or partial loss of investment. With the development of the cryptomarket, the total number of blockchain projects has increased, and accordingly the likelihood of investing in weak projects has increased, or worse, in bench projects. Therefore, obtaining reliable and timely information about any ICO project will not only help increase investment income, but also prevent the loss of investment. This is understood by the team of developers of the Neironix project, who offer us an information and analytical platform.

About the project
Neironix is an independent rating platform where the ratings of individual projects are formed, using the results of mathematical scoring and neural networks. The task of this platform is to create an information and analytical base. Using it investors will be able to assess the risks of their investments in the blockchain market. The developers paid much attention to the development of risk-based investment management. Therefore, the team has enough specialists in this direction. And the method of such management, developed by Neironix project team, was patented. The main characteristic of any project will be its rating. The formation of this rating will occur through the analysis of more than 75 indicators. The team emphasized the minimization of the influence of the expert evaluation on the overall rating of the project. And the greater preference will give to the algorithmic and methodological component of the rating. The results will be displayed in scales, depending on the marks assigned to the project.

What are the advantages of Neironix? The first advantage, as developers said, is the database of events in the cryptoworld, which have already occurred. Information was collected on more than 4,000 blockchain projects that have been launched in recent years. Also, by using the API, the system analyzes statistical information about more than 5000 crypto-currencies. This information provides an opportunity to more accurately analyze data on future projects, forming a more accurate rating. The second advantage is the openness of information. The database of information using in process of rating formation is open for users. Thus, users can be convinced of the objectivity of the indicators, and the results of project evaluation. The third advantage is that the team create a unique methodology for data analysis. Using neural networks and a huge database, you can expect for the formation more accurate rating of the project. Note that neural networks are able to "learn" by accumulating new data, and their using will always remain relevant. Another one advantage is online informing users. Continuous data analysis is available to users on the platform. In addition, in real time, information about the current status of the development of a particular project will be published on. It is also very important for investors.

Since the Neironix platform will offer a huge amount of information content about cryptocurrency world, its users will be private or professional investors, and also teams of projects emerging on the ICO. Why will this platform be interesting for private investors? For them will be available:

ratings of current ICO projects;
media analysis, about each implemented ICO project;
index of popularity of crypto-currencies and tokens;
analytics on crypto-currencies and the total market conditions;
system of customizable notifications for monitoring financial analytics, and project ratings.
For professional investors, there will also be available:

tracking risk factors, and a system of notification of changes in the level of risk of a particular project.
analysis of capital of large holders for each relevant ICO project;
monitoring the situation with the listing of tokens on exchanges;
historical data and analytics of financial markets, analysis of the current market situation, and media reviews.
Cooperation with Neironix will be interesting for teams of projects going to the ICO, because of following functions will be available for them:

possibility to manage the project on all stages of its development;
comparison with similar projects in terms of functionality, implementation and idea;
recommendations for preparing for the ICO;
evaluation of the ICO project;
The process of KYC-verification of project participants;
the ability to run your own blog on the basis of the Neironix platform, or to make the publication of press releases, reports and news of the project.
analysis of the price of the token on exchanges, notifications about changes in the amount of funds from large holders.

Tokens using

The NRX Token (created on the Ethereum blockchain) will be used as an internal currency for paying for various types of information and advertising services (premium listing, advertising, press releases, e-mail distribution, etc.). We should note that after the moment when the turnover of the NRX token trade on exchanges reaches 2% of its total issue, the team will be able to accept payment for the above services in other crypto-currencies. But until the trade turnover reaches such a figure - payment on the platform will be carried out only in NRX. There are some actions on the deflationary policy regarding internal tokens, namely: burning of all received tokens for payment of information and advertising services, and buying out NRX from the free market (a fund in the amount of 10% of all funds received for users subscription will be creat for this action).


Token - NRX
Token-sale - September 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018
Token price - $ 0.219
Soft Cap - $ 1,000,000
Hard Cap - $ 31,000,000
Total amount - 140 000 000 NRX (unsold tokens will be burned)

Token distribution:
66,5% - sale
10% - founders and team
10% - partners
7% - operational fund within the project
3.5% - advisers
3% - bounty campaign



Team members are represented on the site along with links to their pages in the social network (LinkedIn and Facebook). The founders of this project are Andrey Vengerets (he also serves as CEO of this project, previously held high positions in OAO Sobinbank, Sibbiznesbank, Vneshprombank), and Ivan Marahovka (he is also the founder of such projects as Digital Agency Gold Carrot, WEEEK, Co-founders are Eduard Khudyakov and Denis Ahmitzhanov. Well, since the developers paid much attention to the risks management, we note that Andrew Demyanenko is responsible for this direction in the team (responsible specialist for the risk management in Surgutneftegas, and then the director of RISK AUDIT). Note that the team is sufficiently staffed with the necessary specialists.

There are 6 people in the advisers' team. Among them, Naviin Kapoor is one of the TOP-5 experts in the ICObench rating (participated in such projects as DEEP AERO, Paymon, Cryptassist, INGOT COIN, ARAW, MyCryptoBank, Papusha, etc.), and Roman Karimov (participated in such projects as Gastery, Bityond, Snapparazzi, etc.).


Everyone should decide independently whether to participate or not to participate in the token-sale. Definitely, the project team offers a really interesting product that will be useful for all investors. The proposed analytical content will help investors make an informed decision about the feasibility of investing in a particular project. Therefore, such project will not be deprived of attention by crypto-enthusiasts. But at the same time, we should not forget about the existence of great competition in this direction. But most of the competitors don't have their own cryptocurrency, and the method of scoring blockchain-projects, using of neural networks in this process, as developers said, is unique. I personally would note that the obvious advantages of Neironix are the existence of a beta version of the platform, and a very good team. According to the road map, the full work of the platform should be expected in the first quarter of 2019, and further activities will be related to the expansion of the geography of the project around the world (USA, South Korea, Japan).

Facebook: https: //www.facebook .com / neironix /
Bitcointalk ANN:
Golos: / @ neironixio


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