As we know, the development of digital platform from time by time and obviously were experiencing the incredible accelerations. services and features that were produced are always more sophisticated and advanced than the previous version development. Is this reasonable? Of course

We are in an acceleration age nowadays where the world and technology are changing rapidly, this circumstance is due to the development of such technology massively for many purposes that aim to solve the problems. In the current era, almost there aren't the problems which can not be solved with the assistance of technology, these things are very different if compare than the previous few decades ago, we fell the situation where the movement and development of any sector in the world run slowly.

We are at the point where the principle of centralization ecosystem will be replaced with decentralization ecosystem. we are already familiar with blockchain technology that running on in decentralization platform. soon or later it will become to be a part of human life . and it was already running on that track. the blockchain technology allows us to do many great things using this technology.

There is an old saying that real information is worth more than gold. In today's big business we can say that ARROUND is gold!

ARROUND is a Blockchain project with a plan to take the real world into the virtual world with the use of the innovative Blockchain technology to create a brand new ways for advertisers to engage and interact with consumers by leveraging on virtual generated images on computer. With ARROUND, you can wear a pair of transparent glasses and be able to view a real-world environment.


MINERS: This as to do with the managers of the Arround blockchain servers for the purpose of storing of visual contents. This is also for the benefits of the users who choses to be an investor of this venture.

CLIENTS: The participants will also have to assess to the advisor's unit based on promotional offers that can be explored within the system.

BRANDS_AND_ADVERTISERS: Brands and advertisers will be empowered to use the efficacy of the Arround system to get the best audience for their sales irrespective of their distances.

ADVERTISING_AND_MARKETING VENTURES: the ads and marketer's ventures will be able to provide their support in terms of blogging, content creations with resources of their platforms. They will also provide all other necessary materials that will help in the processes of quality promotions in terms of live event and quests from Augmented reality.

A.R PRODUCT_DEVELOPERS: they will be allowed to embed their tools into the clients business work and in turn enlarged their customers base.
SOFTWARE PROGRAMMERS: This set of people will provide necessary provisions for the script containing A.R content.
ARROUND Application

ARROUND is an excellent platform which will be effective for retail shops facing the hurdle of advertising. Retailing shops that is acting as advertisers can make use of ARROUND to utilize the platform's advertising features to target their ads to users. This will be possible by placing ad on ARROUND platform with a target of a certain social demographic consumers or clients.
Further more, holding an event is an excellent way of advertising on the platform. ARROUND will be able to receive the information on the navigation details, venue and live reports of the event through the real time capacity of blockchain techology.

Another Advantages of ARROUND
ARROUND platform already cooperates with a large number of world brands. The main partner in Russia is the pharmacy chain "36.6". ARROUND offers a comprehensive product for work, eliminating the need for additional use of other resources.
Work on the project is based on blockchain technology. Each company passes mandatory KYS registration to verify its identity. Double registration on the project is impossible, which makes the work on ARROUND transparent. Registration is paid in the platform tokens. Thanks to the project, it is possible not only to attract new customers, but also to establish partnerships with global brands. ARROUND market is growing every day in a geometric progression due to the high level of adaptation to any device. It should be noted that MVP project is available for use on Android and iOS.

Token ARR
Price 1 ARR = 0,035 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Country Belize
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas no


Formation of the platform idea with communications based on AR technologies;
Consultations with real business and working out a working concept;
Harmonization of the concept to the needs of consumers

Development of technical part ARROUND;
The conclusion of partnership agreements with AVE - a large network of pharmacies;
Development of MVP

Creation of the current application and release of the platform on iOS and Android;
Trial advertising aggregations with real partners "36.6" and "Atrium";
Public release platform (alpha), attract users and content creators

ARROUND is compatible with AR points from ODG and Microsoft Hololens;
Agreements with advertising companies;
Advertising programs for large pharmacy chains in Europe;
Own tools for easy creation of content within the platform;

Open SDK for independent developers;
The pilot project in the United States of America;
Entering new markets in Europe, Asia, North America.
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