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Crypto mining was easy at the early stage. Bitcoin was the world's first crypto coin which was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto was mining Bitcoin alone. After Nakamoto other people too joined the party. Many people just used normal PCs or used old machines with ordinary graphics cards, But still, they could earn a few Bitcoins every day.

Consumption of energy for mining was very low. There was no any harm to the climate or the environment. But later on, Use of cryptocurrencies increased and It caused to grow the crypto mining activities rapidly requiring more fossil fuels for the energy production. eventually what happened is, mining powers went into the hands of a few giant cooperations. and also this current large-scale mining never can be good for the climate and the environment.

The current situation in the mining sector is blocking decentralization. democratization general access to the technology and It harms the involvement as well. Today, My review of a project that is emerging with solutions in the mining sector. That is 'SCAVO'
Scavo is a company that aims to construct and manage the large scale of self-sustaining crypto mining places employing renewable energy like water, solar, and wind. Scarvo plans to transmit extra energy to the local energy firm for monetization. As they have their own energy stations, Scavo will not get any issues of finding green energy for mining activities,
Scavo ICO is live now to raise the funds. The Token is an ERC-20 type. Scavo offers quite interesting benefits for its token holders which we are unable to find in other ICOs. The advantages of being a Scavo token holders are, 80% of mining profits will be distributed among token holders. Other remaining 20% will be used for reinvestments in the project including the purchase and maintenance of equipment and as the Scavo provides service to third parties, It is another way of generating profit. 30% of that profit also will be distributed among token holders.

Savo is democratic

Scavo believes that Democratic decision making is important to Scavo technologies. Save tokens holders have space for their voices with a voting system for the use of smart contracts.

Scavo aims to build up environment-friendly stations for cryptocurrency mining. That would be a sustainable system for the long term. Scavo is ready to provide environmental friendly green energy using the sun, water, and wind for the need of a large amount of electricity for the mining. There are are many advantages of being a Scavo tokens holders as Scavo always want to share the profit with its community.

Token and ICO Details
Scavo ICO Pre Started on July 15, 2018, and will end October 31st,2018. Crowd sale started on 21st July 2018 and ends on 31st October 2018. Maximum token supply is two hundred million tokens. Accept forms of payments are BTC,ETH, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Etherium Classic, Zcash, Decred, Bank Transfer, Credit card

Platform: Ethereum
Token code: SCAVO
Total supply: 200,000,000
Price 1SCAVO = 1USD
Soft capacity: 500,000
Hard capacity: 83,600,000

Token distribution.png

88% for Token holders
8% for the General Reserve Fund
2% for prize and incentive programs
2% for founders and teams

In addition to the things I have mentioned above, you can explore many more facts about this project by the following links. Feel free to visit them.

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