Trade Pharma Network

Trade pharma Network; could be an authorized brokerage platform of the EU and a global mercantilism center for sellers and patrons conducting routine drug transactions. Our Artificial Perspicacity (AI) platform uses powerful AI algorithms to change economical looking & digital coupling between our key stakeholders however conjointly Blockchain as we have a tendency to envision a future wherever each physical drugs features a digital history, enabling our users to trace and verify its perceptions, attributes, and possessions to fight with efficiency against counterfeit medicine, in Europe & Ecumenical. Thus, our business model depends on 3 principles that drive the planet the following:

Our basic technology is made on non-public, public, and hybrid Blockchain networks that bring transparency to the current multi-billion business. Indeed, Trade pharma Networks through decentralised applications enable our users to disrupt the trust business with the goal of transmission the planet higher through distributed ledger technology unencumbered by deadlocked input from outside our network.

Our platform uses AI-driven technology consisting of powerful algorithms that need advanced Machine Learning techniques and quality datasets compared to a lot of ancient Machine Learning algorithms these days. This AI technology permits programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between provide of ordinances, with a private bit.

Our main accommodation is devoted to the pharmaceutical trade and this joint linking platform, bourgeois & distributor bourgeois, drug maker, wholesaler, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, noncommercial and our pharma partners in Europe and ecumenical. on-line transactions between all parties ar created during a straightforward and economical method.
Trading & Pharmaceutical
Trade expertise Trade pharma Network can offer a brand new multi-accommodation platform and mercantilism expertise for shoppers by group action Blockchain & AI into the Rialto to come up with economical and economical website navigation and supply shoppers with a lot of elaborated product descriptions and visualizations.

Avoiding drug forgery
Enabling healthcare businesses to create transparency and vent in their provide chains, spawned a lot of sure thing for makers to manage their drug provide a lot of with efficiency to stop drug shortage and counterfeiting of medication & imports parallel.

A very little ecumenical network, powerful sensors that sanction physical objects from terribly serious instrumentation to mobile and wearable devices, to conveyances, physical structures, and instrumentation to attach, interact, and share knowledge with one another exploitation Blockchain & IoT & IIoT.

Scalable Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Exchange Payments
A second layer answer for measurability that permits one billion transactions per second secure Blockchain / off-chain that remarkably transforms payment & exchange accommodation in cryptocurrency performs Atomic Swaps during a decentralized & non-contained method. Users can have the ability to freely convert to any token they opt for, together with the pharma Network Trade token (TXP), to eliminate the price and get of the accommodation, tired a straightforward method.

Our team smartly believes that innovation & ingenuity in drug traffic and pharma accommodation create a distinction for all parties, with the aim of manufacturing a reliable and innovative rial-centric to change pharmaceutical & healthcare professionals to trade and use with efficiency our complete vary of accommodation, for the simplest of patients. And conjointly to arrange tomorrow with a special vision supported fashionable technology like AI, Blockchain, 3D printing, and IoT.
Our business is meant to produce clever importers & distributors, drug manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital pharmacies & pharmacies, non-profits, and our pharma partners with benefits with their customers and / or suppliers. we have a tendency to use them to scale back involution and trade dealing process prices, making certain that every one of those activities occur in associate surroundings of trust and artificial ingenuity. Our team forever makes certain everything goes well and everybody is glad.

AI & Blockchain:
Trade pharma Network could be a fashionable platform supported by AI-driven algorithms (search engines, prognosticative matchword keywords, …) that need Deep Learning techniques and quality datasets still as some decentralized (dApps) dependable applications within the public, Blockchain non-public, and hybrid still as off-chain solutions.

IoT / IIoT:
This technology issues connected instrumentation, male and material trailing, sample lifecycle management, ingenious packaging, and cold chain observance is one in all the concrete IoT applications in accordance with healthcare organizations & pharmaceutical firms.

Trade pharma Network (TXP) can accommodate because of the main technique of access to transactions in Pharmaceutical Rialto. Tokens can have the power to keep in our personal billfold and so sent to the platform to facilitate transactions for accommodation, avoiding the effort of exploitation outrageous price card Bitcoin. Tokens are enriched by Ethereum Blockchain and engineered on the ERC20 commonplace.

During ICO, tokens are distributed on to investors through smart Contract and can be suspended till ICO termination. unsold tokens are burned at ICO terminals and totally different ratios can stay similar to take care of a decent balance of recent ecosystems and economies. No new token emissions are created when ICO termination.

graph on the right describes the allocation of mazuma raised during ICO:

Innovation Lab 10%
Increase & Compliance 10%
Outreach Initiatives, Integration, Marketing, Business Development & Partnership 35%
The core team of Pharma Network Trade, R & D & 45% Operation

Trade Pharma Network will print 1 Billion total tokens, each token valued at $ 0.07 and a $ 70 Million business with an initial circulation supply of 500 Million tokens (50% of total tokens) on ICO settlement. This number will be subject to future changes based on the number of Pool proof tokens released per year.

SoftCap: $ 2.5 Million
MiddleCap: $ 10 Million
HardCap: $ 20 Million
Houses Private: August 20-September 28
Pre TGE: October 2 to October 16
TGE Top: October 17 to November 16
The graph on the left outlines the details of the total supply of tokens Maximum:

Enlargement pool, operations, marketing, Tim 35%
Held by TXP 25%
(Pre) TGE, Referral, Bounty 25%
Pharma Network Trade Team 15%
Referral 1%
Bounty 1%


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