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Bravo Project !

The BRAVO project has an excellent marketing campaign, now it is only Private Sale and it’s impossible to buy tokens, and their community already has tens of thousands of people, the project team is open and constantly in contact with the community, speaks at conferences, the project is supported in several languages.

Based on what I personally see, the project is HYIP, there are already thousands of people who want to buy tokens, but cannot yet, plus there are hidden sales that are going on now. This is a unique situation, in the current market downturn, almost all ICOs are half-dead, and here you can see that the team knows how to move correctly, and ICO uses only as a convenient and modern tool for fundraising, and not as the only reason for fundraising ).

Let's start with the fact that mobile banking applications are so well developed only in Russia, in most countries the use of banking services, even more trouble than here, unfortunately. Due to all sorts of financial regulators, the fight against money laundering / non-acquisition of illegally acquired funds, the fight against tax evasion, in Western countries it is very difficult to use bank transfers, there are large commissions, you will most likely have to go to the branch or go to an ATM and still have to wait some time instead of instant translation etc.

So, BRAVO is already a successful money transfer application, and now they have decided to launch their blockchain platform so that transfers become faster, safer and more anonymous. I have experience of international money transfers, due to the fact that I provide services for ICOs and I have relatives abroad, so I know for sure that sending money is not easy, and it’s not strange, despite the complexity of learning technology blockchain for a beginner As a result, cryptocurrency is the easiest way to transfer money, even taking into account intermediaries such as centralized exchanges / exchangers.

Bravo is probably the real ICOs on the planet, Bravo is new software which you can use to receive and send payments working with crypto conversions and blockchain technology. By creating a technique that requires fast companies, Bravo is among the most beautiful ways to make repayments in a secure, but anonymous way.

Bravo started in 2014 and set out to revolutionise the tipping and anonymous payment industry with their seamless mobile payment application. BRAVO’s minimum viable product (MVP) was built and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in 2015 where it won the Audience Choice Award. In 2017, BRAVO beta version was featured on ABC's SharkTank landing a deal with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner.

Bravo is computer software that previously exists since 2015. Initially, it was created in America fixed-currency (USD) market. However the company decided to launch its token, and in 2019 a fresh update will help to make the software designed for work with blockchain technology. BVO badges will be released in the approaching pre-release coin the business planned, and they'll work on the business's platform.

The solution to the problem

While most payments today are done digitally, there are still a few instances where cash is king. Like when you want to tip your waiter, valet, barista or even your favorite band. Many shop vendors, especially in developing countries, also only accept cash. While cryptocurrency at this stage remains inaccessible to most service professionals and micro-merchants.

Taking these kinds of small cash transactions and making them compatible with cryptocurrency is the challenge that BRAVO aims to solve with its iOS and Android applications for simple, proximity-based payments where users don’t have to exchange any personal information.

BRAVO will be one of the first mobile apps to allow artists, waiters, micro-merchants and other service professionals to accept cryptocurrency payments for everyday transactions.

When a user launches the BRAVO app it utilizes the smartphone’s GPS to find other BRAVO users nearby. Then you simply tap on who you want to pay and select the amount. You can also add a rating and send a message to the person or business you tipped.
Token Sale and ICO
The BRAVO token solution provides the ability to make payments focused on micro traders, micro payments and tipping. In that world inevitably move to the community without money, BVO tokens, praised by seamless user experience and our scalable technology, built for today's consumers and ready for the adoption of a true global mass of digital currencies.

Bravo will initially release an ERC-20 token for those who wish to pre-purchase BVO Coin. Those who purchase the ERC-20 tokens will benefit from reduced prices and will be able redeem their ERC-20 tokens for BVO Coin to use in the Bravo App. ERC-20 tokens that are redeemed will be taken out of circulation.

In other words, the Bravo tokens on sale during the ICO are ERC20 tokens, BVO-ERC. After the ICO there will be a token swap where BVO-ERC tokens will be exchanged for BVO tokens, and then burned. There will be a total supply of 1 billion BVO tokens. The BVO token will be priced at $0.10 for the public ICO sale.

Token Details
Token name: BVO

Token Type: ERC-20

Total Token: 1,000,000,000

% Tokens For Sale: 50%

Token Sales Period: TBA

Token Price: $ 0.10

Hard Cap: $ 34,700,000

Currencies Received: ETH, BTC & USD

Citizenship Received: Anything except the People's Republic of China, Singapore, United States & Canada
Oct-2013: IDEA

Private, instant and secure payments

Nov 2013-Oct 2014: R&D

Customer Discovery Process

Nov-2014: BRAVO MVP

Initial release to prove the concept

Sept-2015: TechCrunch DISRUPT

MVP release, Audience Choice Award: Winner

Sept-2016: FIAT alpha

Released iOS and Android


Planning and design


Blockchain proof of concept dev


Public fiat beta released

Jan-July 2018: VNEXT DEV

vNext & blockchain development continued, UI design for vNext

Aug-2018: BVO TOKEN

Private Sale, Smart contract testing

Oct-2018: BVO ICO

Public Pre-Sale

Nov-2018: BVO ICO

Public Crowd Sale

Dec-2018: BVO CRYPTO

Wallet Initial Quality Testing, 1st betanet network available

Q1-2019: VNEXT

vNext code complete, First Micro-Merchant Tool release (event ticket support)


High Volume exchange listing


Testnet goes live, Wallet Beta Test, Initial BVO-P Testing

Q3-2019: BVO-P

Public Preview, Wallet Production Release

Q4-2019: BVO-P

QA Testing & Production Release, Consortium validator client


Initial partners network testing phase


QA Testing & Production Release


Maria Del Carmen Luna, MBA: Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna: Co-Founder & COO

Robert Lunny, CPA MBA: CFO

Steven Cornejo: Product Manager

Elmer Morales: CTO, Blockchain Architect

Adam Swanton: Director of Client Strategy

Tanmay Shahane: Engineering Manager

Vitaliy Marusenko, MSL: Community Manager

Paul Nguyen: Blockchain Architect

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Telegram general chat:

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